"Light Assembly" System

With the modular and freely configurable assembly platform LightAssembly, Manz offers a reliable automation and integration of complex assembly processes that can be used across many different industry sectors. From incoming goods inspection to assembly and quality control all the way to packaging, the assembly line can be individually configured and scaled according to the modular principle with no interface problems.

Fully linked and integrated assembly system

Manz LightAssembly is the world's first fully linked and integrated assembly line for all process steps in the assembly of consumer electronics as well as industrial and automotive electronics:

  • Incoming goods control
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Labeling and packaging

All processes are stably, precisely and perfectly tuned to each other. Interfaces between the individual assembly steps are therefore a thing of the past. This leads to a measurable improvement in the quality of the end products while at the same time lowering production costs.

The Manz IOI (Interactive Operator Interface) additionally enables:

  • Visualization of status
  • Operator guidance and feedback
  • Visualization of process information
  • Data analysis

Modular construction

Manz LightAssembly is modularly designed. The customers can individually configure and scale the various modules for work steps and handling tasks.
The standard model comprises loading and unloading unit, conveyor, lift and a process station. This model can be upgraded and retrofitted with numerous modules:

  • Matching and sorting
    • Optical metrology and classification combined with selective assembly algorithms for determining the parts best suited to each other
    • Unmixed deposition of the components in trays
  • Processes and assembly
    • Screwing
    • Adhering, casting, and pressing
    • Application and curing of adhesives
    • Laser welding
    • Laser cleaning and conditioning
    • Laser marking and labeling
    • Automated assembly
    • Optimized manual workstations
  • Inspection and quality control
    • Camera-based inspection
    • Measurement of gap dimensions, highs and lows
    • 3D measurement (laser triangulation)
    • Final check

Manz LightAssembly can be integrated into a manufacturing execution system; the data of each individual component is stored for quality monitoring, and in addition components are categorized by label or laser coding – important requirements for Industry 4.0. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can also be added.
Alongside cost benefits, the modularity of the plant concept brings with it numerous advantages:

  • Short delivery times due to parallel production at multiple Manz locations
  • Fast and flexible delivery and start-up through standardized assembly modules
  • Small footprint due to compact construction
  • Re-usability of the standard modules over several product generations
  • Simplified tear-down and transport in the event of production relocations

Expertise and experience

Manz has decades of experience in automation, metrology and process technology and knows the requirements of the electronics industry.
Manz LightAssembly is already being used by manufacturers of smartphones and notebooks. With the installation of more than 100 assembly and process modules as well as more than 60 modules for quality control, Manz has impressively demonstrated its expertise.