Printing & Coating

Printing and coating solutions from Manz can be used for many applications and industries. Manz has outstanding knowledge of technical screen printing, inkjet printing and slit coating, especially for the solar, electronics and communications industries.

Using Manz printing and coating technologies, fluid media can be applied to a substrate, either with texture (screen printing or inkjet printing) or over the full surface (slit coating).
This could be:

  • Inks
  • Photoresists
  • Functional pastes (for conductive layers or filter layers)
  • Functional inks

Our fully automated printing and coating solutions, combined with integrated loading and unloading systems, optical monitoring and measurement systems, ensure outstanding, extremely precise results with very tight tolerances.

Our systems are designed for a wide range of sensitive materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Films
  • Ceramics