AAD Mechanical Manager


  • Manage and utilize engeers to provide engineering service to internal teams, parterners,          customers and suppliers.
  • Define and supervise team’s objective setting and execution.
  • Introduce new technology to the team and get benefit by incorporating them into existing      product lines.
  • A manager with good knowledge and experience of industrial equipment in the cleanroom.
  • Be familiar with complcaited transportation design, with large objects handling with                 robots.
  • Capable to define mechanical interface specification that can incorporate our equipment         into a production line.


  • Education Background: Master degree or above
  • Major: MA of Mechanical Engineering
  • Working Experiences:
    • 10 year experience of cleanroom automation equipment, including 5 years of robot system. 
    • 5 year experience of people manager.
  • Professional Knowledge & Skills:
    • Fundamental knowledge of cleanroom protocol.
    • Fundamental knowledge of defining requirement of motors, transmission components and robot.
    • Experience of handling large size glass, FPD Gen6 and above, is a plus.
    • Familiar with 2D and 3D CAD system. Experience of Solid Edge is a plus.
    • Capable to communicate with foreign colleagues or customers in English: mail, face to face meeting and conference call
  • Ability & Personality:
    • Able to lead persons from different group to reach common agreement on specific decision
    • Be proactive and positive when resolving conflicts between team members

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