With our technologies and innovative production solutions, we serve different sectors and industries. Our diversified positioning creates synergy effects from which our customers in the USA benefit greatly.

Automotive Industry

With increasing digitization and further development in the direction of e-mobility, the automotive industry is facing major challenges.

Our aim is to help shape this progress as a development partner and pioneer.

Our particular focus here is on intelligent and integrated production solutions for various components in the areas of automotive electronics and the electric powertrain.

We provide production solutions for:

  • Lithium-ion battery cell and modules
  • Cell contacting systems
  • Battery management systems & inverters
  • Displays
  • Electronic components and control units
  • Sensors and cameras for assistance systems


Battery Production

Manz AG is one of the leading suppliers of production equipment for lithium-ion battery cells and their processing into complete battery systems as well as capacitors for electromobility, stationary energy storage and electronic products. We have been setting global standards in this area for many years.

In addition, we have formed a strategic partnership with GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co.KG and Dürr AG for the joint acquisition and execution of projects for equipping entire battery factories.

We provide production solutions for:

  • Cylindrical, prismatic or pouch battery cells
  • Wound or stacked battery cells
  • Electronic products, battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), stationary storage systems


Electronics Industry

The extremely dynamic growth industry of electronics requires maximum flexibility and speed to respond to new requirements.

With the rapid digitalization in industrial production (smart factory) and a multitude of smart applications and services such as smart home or smart grid, the need for high-performance components and energy storage devices in our core electronics industry is growing.

We provide production solutions for:

  • Electronic components such as IC substrates, semiconductors, and displays
  • Power electronics such as rectifiers, inverters, DC changers, AC changers or frequency converters
  • Consumer electronics such as smartwatches, wearables and laptops, and the battery technology they contain
RDL Redistribution Layers
FOPLP Layers

In Focus: The Semiconductor Industry

We are innovation leaders in the field of packaging technologies. The development towards high portability and multifunctionality of electronics, including with AIoT, 5G and smart vehicles, requires compact, more powerful and cost-effective ICs. This has led to a boom in advanced packaging technologies. Keywords here: RDL process and on-out panel level packaging (FOPLP).

The rising demand of modern electronics is boosting the technology of homogeneous or heterogeneous integration. Leveraging the RDL process, the latest multi-chip packaging trends are shifting from PCB or IC substrate to advanced integration technologies such as thin film process or 2.5D silicon interposer.

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