Manz AG: Major 12-million-euro order from an attractive new customer confirms the great growth potential in the e-mobility sector

09/01/2015 08:30:00 CEST

  • Manz wins a worldwide leading battery manufacturer headquartered in the USA as a new customer
  • Incoming orders of around 100 million euros since the beginning of the year in the Energy Storage segment
  • Increasing activity in the e-mobility sector offers significant potential for further new and follow-on orders

Manz AG received a major order from a new customer in the USA for a production line for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries with a sales volume of around 12 million euros. The agreement also contains the prospective option for additional production lines for installation in the USA and China. In the Energy Storage segment, Manz offers its customers in the consumer electronics industry, in e-mobility and stationary energy storage, production equipment for the manufacture of all current lithium-ion cell designs – from wound button cells to stacked pouch cells. The orders of the US battery manufacturer for a production line for stacked pouch cells reflect the increasing customer activity in the e-mobility sector. The orders will impact revenues and earnings in the current fiscal year and in some cases in the coming year.

Dieter Manz, CEO and founder of Manz AG, comments on the incoming orders: "The new orders are a clear signal – companies worldwide are intensifying their involvement in e-mobility and are increasingly investing in production technology for the manufacture of high-performance batteries. In view of the increasing momentum, we see very good opportunities for obtaining additional orders from this industry. This will give our Energy Storage segment additional growth momentum and strengthen our development on a lasting basis." Lifespan, run time and security play key roles for the acceptance and success of e-mobility. Investments in relevant innovative production technologies are therefore absolutely necessary in order to decisively advance the capacity and performance of the battery cells. Since a considerable portion of the creation of value in the manufacture of electric vehicles is attributable to the batteries, a primary focus of the companies is also efficient production processes. Thanks to its innovativeness and established expertise in the areas of process control, automation and quality assurance, Manz AG has also been able to prevail against competitors in Asia and Europe with the order that has now been obtained. Manz has also been able to convince customers with regard to the speed and size of the plants.

The order that has now been obtained in the Energy Storage segment is in keeping with the dynamic development of orders in this segment since the beginning of the year. In this way Manz AG has already been able to book new and follow-on orders in the Energy Storage segment with a total volume of around 100 million euros this fiscal year. This welcome development is the result of the diversification strategy of Manz AG in technologies, markets and regions. Within its three strategic divisions Solar, Electronics and Energy Storage, the goal of the company is to systematically take advantage of the dynamic growth markets and at the same time to further reduce its dependence on major customers and on volatile market developments.

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