Manz at the “Battery China 2011” in Beijing

06/21/2011 09:52:00 CEST

  • Manz will provide information about its range of products for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries
  • According to Dieter Manz, electric vehicles will only break through with the efficient mass production of energy storage systems
  • Li-ion batteries have already been successfully mass produced using Manz equipment

Beijing/Reutlingen, June 21, 2011. The high-tech engineering company Manz Automation AG will exhibit new production systems for li-ion batteries at the 10PthP China International Power Supply Industry & Battery Industrial Technology Fair. More than 1,000 companies from throughout the battery industry will be exhibiting at the international trade show in Beijing from June 20-22, 2011. “China is going to become one of the most important markets for electric vehicles,” said Dieter Manz, CEO of the company, “and on top of that, the government has set the goal of becoming the leading nation for this advanced technology. That’s why we especially want to convince battery manufacturers here of the efficiency and cost-cutting potential offered by our production lines.”

Manz will be providing information about its entire range of products and services for li-ion battery production at booth C086 in hall 11. This includes equipment for manufacturing individual cells (reel to cell) as well as production solutions for assembling the cells into complete batteries (cell to pack). In both of these manufacturing steps, Manz benefits from its many years of experience in automation, laser processing technology, and metrology. “As a mechanical engineering company, we play a significant role in setting the pace as we move toward the economical mass production of batteries. This is currently a major issue – and not just for us – since the breakthrough of electric vehicles hangs in the balance,” explains Mr. Manz, the company’s founder. Li-ion batteries have already been successfully mass produced on Manz production lines since the beginning of this year.

Manz already began to expand its know-how in the field of li-ion battery equipment back in 2009. Engineers from all of Manz’s divisions contribute their knowledge and expertise to the development team. Dieter Manz is optimistic: “We are convinced that Manz as a high-tech equipment manufacturer will manage to cut production costs of batteries significantly. Like this we are one of the important drivers who make this technology available to mass market”.

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