Manz Automation AG acquires new orders with a total volume of more than EUR 50 million

12/13/2010 07:35:00 CET

  • Major orders in flat panel display segment, in particular for touch panel equipment
  • Continued strong demand for production equipment for crystalline solar cells

Reutlingen, December 1, 2010 – Manz Automation AG, one of the world’s leading technology providers for the photovoltaic and flat panel display (FPD) industries, has acquired new orders with a total volume of more than EUR 50 million. These primarily include equipment to produce touch panels and automation and process equipment for the manufacture of crystalline solar cells. The new orders are mostly from Asian customers and will be reflected in revenues and earnings in the coming fiscal year.

In total, the company is currently recording a strong increase in its dynamic growth in all of its segments. This has increased very significantly in the past few weeks in particular for equipment used to produce flat panel displays. At present, massive investments are being made in setting up new production facilities for touch panels. Together with its subsidiaries in Taiwan and China, Manz is the leading provider of wet chemical production lines and automation systems for this segment.

The photovoltaic industry is also continuing to enhance the company’s operating business. Chinese customers in particular are investing in new, highly efficient equipment to produce solar cells. Manz Automation believes that the increasing cost pressure in the photovoltaic industry will even reinforce this trend and lead to additional investments in new production lines.

Due to that, the company is benefiting from its strategy of making substantial investments in research and development activities during the crisis, and retaining its production capacity. The newly developed products in particular are contributing to the upswing, with the result that Manz Automation is once again underscoring its position as the innovation driver in the FPD and solar industries. The company thus has excellent foundations for further dynamic growth. Its order books are already well-filled through to the middle of the coming year and orders are due to be placed for more major projects in the coming weeks and months. As a result, the company currently believes that it will be able to record additional significant increases in its revenues in 2011. There is also a very positive profitability trend which will continue in the coming fiscal year.

Dieter Manz, Manz Automation AG’s CEO, is thus very pleased: “Our strategy is paying off, and our innovative product portfolio means that we can participate in the positive economic growth. Keeping and further expanding our capacity means that we are able to realize this strong growth. We are also planning to consistently continue and further expand our R&D activities in 2011.” He added: “Developments in the Li-Ion segment are also very positive. We have succeeded in co-developing additional pilot lines in this sector, thus again proving our expertise on this high-growth market.”

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