Manz Tech Day: Behind the Scenes of High-tech Engineering

10/30/2023 09:00:00 CET, Reutlingen Exclusive event for 90 selected guests from the automotive and electronics industry | Keynote speech on leadership in the digital age delivered by Dr. Michael Groß, a three-time Olympic champion | Innovation as a fundamental pillar of a competitive European industry

On October 17, 2023, Manz AG hosted the Manz Tech Day, and approximately 90 executives and industry experts responded to the exclusive invitation from the global high-tech machinery manufacturer. The prelude to the Manz Tech Day began the evening before with an inspiring dinner speech by Dr. Michael Groß. Under the theme 'Embracing the Joy of Losing Control,' the three-time Olympic champion delivered sharp, engaging insights into how leadership is evolving in the digital age, skillfully involving the audience.

Quo Vadis, Mechanical Engineering?

The kickoff for the Manz Tech Day was made by Anke Uhlig, Senior Advisor at the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). Based on current macroeconomic parameters and surveys of VDMA members, she painted a multifaceted picture of the current state of mechanical engineering and addressed the industry's key challenges: digitization, decarbonization, demographics, as well as decoupling the European economy from China and the USA.

Her conclusion: For the European industry, innovation is key to future, climate-compatible growth.

Hands-On High-Tech Machinery

Innovation was also the common thread for the remaining agenda items of the day. Manz AG provided comprehensive insights into the latest market developments and innovations of the company:

Artificial intelligence (AI): The visit to Manz Openfab in Tübingen offered guests a glimpse into the innovation and future hub of the high-tech machinery manufacturer. The expert team at Openfab is not only working on the lithium-ion battery factory of the future, but also on cross-cutting innovation topics, such as the use of AI in machinery and plant engineering. Manz already incorporates AI into solutions like the smartPRODUCTIONKIT. However, this is just the beginning: An international team of experts from Manz AG is diligently working on innovative next-generation AI applications, including possibilities like voice control, gesture control, or even machine control through neural impulses. In discussions with the experts, it became clear that all these innovations are not an end in themselves but prioritize customer benefit as their guiding principle. The goal is to increase the availability, performance, and quality of machines and plants, thereby giving customers a competitive advantage through improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

From digital twin to the industrial metaverse: During the virtual demonstration of the immersive factory, participants were able to virtually step inside a production facility and immerse themselves in key processes like laser welding. The simulation highlighted the advantages of digital twins: through virtual replication, customers benefit from shorter, agile product development cycles, improved collaboration within the engineering team, digital training and skill development for professionals, as well as more efficient software development.

High-tech engineering - seeing is believing: During the tour of the production facilities, the guests had the opportunity to get up close to modern manufacturing lines, including those for automated production of cell contacting systems. Testing of novel laser sources and system technologies for laser welding processes at the Laser Application Center, a patented inline computer tomography method for quality assurance, or small-batch production in the dedicated dry room – these insights showcased the pioneering role that Manz holds in machinery and plant engineering. The Manz Tech Day not only provided participants with technical insights but also offered an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

The exchange with our customers and partners at the Manz Tech Day was extremely important to us. We don't just develop for our customers, but in close cooperation with our customers. The feedback confirms that we are on the right track with our innovations. As a premium machinery manufacturer, innovation is the central differentiator for Manz AG," says Martin Drasch, CEO of Manz AG.

Impulsvortrag von Dr. Michael Groß auf der Achalm in Reutlingen zum Thema Führung im digitalen Zeitalter.Keynote speech by Dr. Michael Groß on the Achalm in Reutlingen about leadership in the digital age.

Das Laser Application Center der Manz AGThe Laser Application Center of Manz AG: Novel laser sources and system technologies for laser welding processes under scrutiny.

Führung durch die Werkshalle am Reutlinger Standort der Manz AG.Guided tour through the workshop at the Reutlingen location of Manz AG.

Besuch in der Openfab in TübingenVisit to the Openfab in Tübingen.



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