Maximized fab productivity: Manz presents Total Fab Solutions for Touch Panels at Touch Taiwan

08/29/2012 08:01:00 CEST Manz AG will exhibit its Touch Panel Total Fab Solutions at Touch Taiwan in Taipei. At booth M130 the high-technology provider will exhibit the entire fab portfolio and its advantages: fast installation, process optimization and minimized production costs.

The Total Fab Solutions for Touch Panels by Manz: best utilization of fab space and an optimum of production efficiency.

  • Manz draws on core competencies for a maximum of fab productivity
  • High-precision custom installation enables customers to start mass production within one month
  • Solutions accommodate varying glass sizes and product portfolios

Eric Chen, President of Manz Asia Ltd., emphasizes the advantages of these integrated solutions over purchasing equipment piecemeal: “With over 25 years of experience, our unique know-how enables us to streamline the production process for maximum output. This achieves the best utilization of fab space and optimized production efficiency for our customers. In addition, we are the only equipment provider that offers high-precision custom installation, making start of mass production possible within one month.“

The Total Fab Solutions accommodate all substrate sizes and types of production processes. The innovative design and recycling processes minimize water, electricity and material costs. Customers also save manpower and other costs not only by the fast, precise installation but also through maintenance by Manz’s on-site engineering service.

Manz AG has drawn on its core competencies of wet chemistry, automation and vacuum coating technologies to develop the Total Fab Solutions. For the critical wet chemistry process, Manz offers a range of equipment including cleaner, developer, etcher, stripper, and rework tools that perform under diverse conditions of chemical materials, thickness of glass and size of substrate. Manz provides high-quality automation equipment including loaders, un-loaders, rotaters, and buffers with inspection systems, achieving potential uptime above 95% while maintaining stable transfer and the lowest possible breakage rate. Finally, Manz’s innovative vacuum coating technology can operate simultaneous processes in the same chamber, helping customers preserve precious fab space and reduce cost of ownership.

In May 2012, Manz opened a new production site in Suzhou, China. Eric Chen: “We are confident that the demand for high-performance equipment in the touch panel business will remain strong, especially in Asia. Manz always strives to be as close to customers’ production sites as possible to enhance production and service quality – with the new facility in Suzhou we achieve this for our customers in Asia.”

Touch Taiwan is organized by the Taiwan Display Union Association. The exhibition will be held in Taipei August 29 to 31 and expects up to 600 exhibitors.

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