Subsidiary of Manz Automation AG takes over assets from CLS Laborautomationssysteme GmbH

10/07/2008 07:39:00 CEST

Manz Automation Tübingen GmbH, a subsidiary of Manz Automation AG, has taken over assets worth EUR 250,000 from CLS Laborautomationssysteme GmbH, a subsidiary of CyBio AG. As part of this transaction, the company has acquired a software platform which can be used for laboratory systems. In future it will also be possible to use this software in the Solar and LCD divisions. In addition, as a result of the liquidation of CLS aborautomationssysteme GmbH, Manz Automation will take over eleven employees, mostly development engineers. They will be responsible for adapting and further developing the acquired control software for laboratory systems and will also be employed in other group divisions.

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