Motek 2017: Manz introduces fully redesigned assembly platform LightAssembly – individual modules now also available in stand-alone version

10/09/2017 09:56:00 CEST For the Motek 2017 trade fair, Manz AG has fundamentally redesigned its LightAssembly modular assembly and inspection platform.

  • Modular inline assembly and inspection platform LightAssembly with extended functional range through scalability and expansion of Cartesian axis systems, as well as 3D lambda kinematics
  • Increased flexibility with new options for material feed and redesign of workpiece carriers and transfer system
  • New Stand-Alone machines allow for a gradual transition to automated production

For the Motek 2017 trade fair, Manz AG has fundamentally redesigned its LightAssembly modular assembly and inspection platform. The most important new functionalities are the increased spatial flexibility of assembly and process steps thanks to the newly developed 3D lambda kinematics, standard carrier formats of up to 800 x 400 millimeters for processing larger workpieces, and expanded solutions for material feed and removal, which - along with 600x400 mm trays - also allow the use of blisters for small parts.

In doing so, the high-tech machine maker is responding to rising customer requirements, mainly in the electronics and automotive segments. "The compatibility of the Manz LightAssembly with transfer systems from Bosch Rexroth was an especially important requirement for our customers in the automotive sector", says Dr. Martin Freundt, Head of Machine Development at Manz. "That is why we designed our platform to be modular and scalable, meaning we can now meet customer requirements with our standard product. The individual modules for handling, screwing, laser welding and image processing are perfectly coordinated with each other on the LightAssembly platform and, when combined with our inline inspection systems, always ensure maximum quality with maximum throughput".

LightAssembly in the stand-alone version for transition to automated assembly

For companies that wish to automate a work-intensive manual production process gradually, individual modules of the LightAssembly will now be available in a stand-alone version. These stand-alone systems can be easily integrated in existing non-automated production lines as an island-based or decoupled production solution. In addition to classical assembly processes such as bolting, a process module also controls newly integrated process steps such as laser welding or joining technologies like bonding, casting or pressing – in both the standard version of the individual system and in the integrated platform for interlinked production systems. "Fully automated and integrated production lines have always been Manz's strength. We are now transferring the expertise acquired there to more cost effective individual systems for customers who only want to automate sub-areas of an existing production system", says Eckhard Hörner-Marass, CEO at Manz AG. "Both versions of the LightAssembly are examples of our new product philosophy: Manz stands for highly standardized and modular products that embody versatility, control a variety of process steps and can be used to flexibly automate production in many industries".

The engineers of the Manz LightAssembly will be at Motek to meet trade fair visitors in Hall 6 at Stand 6307.

An overview of the most important features of the redesigned Manz LightAssembly assembly platform:

  • Scalable Cartesian axis systems as standard design
  • Innovative 3D lambda kinematics for high spatial flexibility in assembly
  • Newly designed material feed: 600 x 400 millimeter Tray Feeder extended with cassette-based Blister Feeding function
  • Standard Conveyor modular and scalable: with one or two track feed for high throughput and compatibility with transfer systems from Bosch Rexroth
  • Carrier Formats extended from 320 x 320 mm and 400 x 400 mm to up to 800 x 400 mm
  • Assembly-based processes extended with laser welding and joining technologies
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