We are looking for people who are willing to grow, prosper and shape the future with us – team players, MacGyvers, thinkers and people of action! What are you looking for? An employer who is as much regional as international? One who helps you to develop and gives you space for your creativity? A place with many like-minded individuals, to support you? Congratulations... You have found us.

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Job Offers

You love what you do and are passionate about technology, numbers, and ideas for the future? Do you plan or control projects, or design machines and systems? Are you a skilled programmer or even identify as a nerd? Do you want to start your career or have just the right age to think about some changes? Then check out our job offers! We are looking forward to your application – speculative applications are also welcome.

  • Do we love technology? We Do!

    Do you love what you do, are you passionate about technology and numbers? Do you plan and control projects or design machines and systems? Are you at the beginning of your career or in your prime? Then take a look at our job offers!

    Manz AG
  • Do we create careers? We Do!

    Ideal combinations: large-scale projects & responsible use of resources, regionality & internationality, career & work-life balance, machines & people.

    Manz AG
  • Manz AG: Partner of Reutlingen City

    Come to Reutlingen, come to Manz! Our hometown scores with its attractive location in the sunny south of Germany and is a strong business location with secure jobs in the heart of Baden-Württemberg.

    Manz - Partner of Reutlingen City

The Manz Way

We love what we do, work together on future-oriented projects, and develop innovative technologies. We celebrate parties and achievements, live the team spirit, and face the challenges of the future together. And we have one common goal: engineering tomorrow's production. What we stand for? Check out the video!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What entry-level opportunities does Manz offer?

Manz offers entry-level opportunities as part of a vocational training, a dual study program, a student job (student trainee, internship, thesis), an industrial doctorate, a pre-master's program, direct entry for graduates, and entry for experienced professionals, specifically for specialist and management careers.

How does Manz prefer to receive applications?

You can apply to Manz via the online application form. We will send you a notice of receipt.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

We publish all our vocational training, study and job vacancies online in our job exchange. We therefore ask applicants to apply directly to the respective job posting. If there is no suitable vacancy, you are welcome to submit a speculative application stating the desired field of activity.

What does a promising application look like?

Whether applying via the online portal, by e-mail or by post, please ensure that the documents are complete. This includes a cover letter, a complete curriculum vitae in table form and certificates (e.g. work, school, internship, training certificate, diploma, master's or bachelor's degree certificate, and student performance records).

Our online application form consists of one page, which should be filled out completely if possible. In addition, attachments must be uploaded, preferably as a compressed PDF file. The size of all attachments together must not exceed 5 MB.

How does Manz conduct the selection process?

After the pre-selection based on the written documents, a personal interview takes place with the responsible HR Business Partner and the supervisor from the specialist department. The second selection interview often provides an opportunity to meet colleagues and gain an impression of the workplace.

In the selection process for student applicants, there is usually only one interview with the responsible HR Business Partner and the supervisor / a representative from the specialist department.

Vocational students are given an aptitude test before the personal interview with the responsible trainers, as well as the opportunity to take a tour of the training workshop.

It may take some time to review the application documents. We give our best to provide feedback as soon as possible.

How can I prepare for my job interview? What can I expect during the job interview?

It is important to think about what you are good at and what you are less good at. What the expectations of the position are and why the desired activity and also Manz fit the personality and skills.

You are welcome to write down questions in advance that should be clarified during the interview.

When the invitation to an interview is issued, the first step is already done: the profile has appealed to us and we would like to get to know the applicant better. Authenticity in the interview is important to us. Likewise, you should take the opportunity to check for yourself whether the job and also Manz are a good fit for you. We do the same.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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