Machines and Systems for Battery Production

Efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. With our standardized machines and systems for the efficient production of lithium-ion battery cells and modules, our customers can plan their production step by step, adapt it to their own needs, optimize their processes, validate them, and expand them modularly.

Manz in the value chain for battery cell production

Our services in the battery cell production value chain.

Production Equipment for the Lithium-Ion Battery Production of the Future

We have been a leading supplier of innovative and efficient production equipment for the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells for many years.

With our machines and systems, we cover all key process steps along the battery cell assembly value chain – for all battery cell types: Pouch, prismatic and cylindrical.

Our Products and Production Solutions for Battery Cell Manufacturing

We cover the entire range of modern production solutions: from individual machines, for example for laboratory production, systems for pilot and small series production through to complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery cells and modules.

All our machines can be integrated into existing production lines, are highly scalable and can be individually configured according to customer specifications.

High-speed Notching Technologies (Electrode Notching)

Whether mechanical or laser - our advanced technologies for notching electrodes go beyond the current state of the art in battery cell electrode production, are proven, recognized on the market and meet the highest quality standards.

Our BNM (mechanical cutting) and BNL (laser cutting) systems can process different electrode sizes, is flexible and scalable and stands for maximum production speed and 100% precision, both when notching the electrodes and when separating them.

Pioneering Winding Solutions for Battery Cell Production

Our Battery Winding platform BWC for battery cell winding has been specially developed for mass production and offers excellent solutions in terms of speed (up to 10% faster than the previous generation) for almost all cell designs and processes, without compromising on product quality or production throughput.

Furthermore, our manufacturing solution enables our customers to increase the efficiency of their production while reducing their environmental impact through lower power consumption and a smaller footprint.

Maximum Speed when Z-Folding Electrode Stacks

The Z-folding machine BSZ developed together with our cooperation partner Grob sets new standards in the mass production of battery cells and is specially tailored to the requirements of the automotive industry.

The scalable machine concept with the option of up to 6 stacking stations is extremely flexible and can be adapted to individual, customer-specific production requirements. The system is characterized by high accuracy and stacking speed as well as precision and reliability.

Advanced Lamination and Stacking Technology for the Cell Assembly Process

Our flexible and modular lamination and stacking platform is specifically designed to laminate and stack mono, half and bi-cells.

With our technology, different cell shapes and formats can be easily processed, giving our customers the flexibility to optimally meet their production requirements. We have validated our systems in a gigawatt production environment to ensure they can meet the most demanding requirements.

Innovative Laser Tab Welding Technology

By using state-of-the-art laser technology, cell connectors (tabs) can be connected to the cell lid precisely and without mechanical stress, resulting in improved quality and performance of the battery cell.

Our Battery Laser Tab Welding system BLT reduces process steps and enables a significantly faster production speed compared to the conventional ultrasonic welding method, resulting in a significant reduction in overall costs.

Pioneering Solution for Electrolyte Filling of Battery Cells

From initial process development to large-scale mass production, we offer a scalable filling technology that adapts flexibly to the increasing requirements of your operation.

The modular concept can be easily adapted to different production capacities. Our Battery Filling machine BFH grows with your requirements and can be seamlessly expanded with upstream and downstream processes. Manz's unique filling unit guarantees precise, reliable, and efficient filling of the battery cell with electrolytes, resulting in improved product quality and cost efficiency.

Experience our machines live or carry out initial tests?

At our site in Reutlingen, manufacturing companies can use a unique test environment to test and optimize various laser welding processes and material combinations under real conditions and create initial samples of the respective products.

In our innovation center – the OPENfab – in Tübingen, processes and machines for the production of lithium-ion battery cells are currently being developed and can be inspected live there.

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