Wet Chemistry

With more than 8,000 systems installed and over 30 years of experience, Manz is the wet chemistry leader in Taiwan and China for production of displays, touch panels and printed circle board. Moreover, Manz offers the photovoltaic industry wet chemical processes for crystalline and thin-film technology, and semiconductor industry advanced package process.

Manz offers solutions for cleaning, coating, plating (galvanic metallization), etching and stripping of various substrates and for reworking or removing complete coating systems for reclaiming valuable materials. This comprehensive spectrum of services is completed by high-level expertise in handling processes with potentially dangerous chemicals, such as hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid or lye. The fully automatic Inline Chemistry Analyzer ICA 001 also enables a real-time analysis and subsequent dosing of up to five chemicals for consistently high production results in wet-chemical processes.

The modular design of our systems and the transferability of the processes to other industries provide an outstanding cost/benefit ratio. Optimal productive time and process reproducibility ensure excellent returns with consistent product quality.

Our wet chemical process systems are designed for all inline processes. They are outstanding for processing glass substrates and printed circuit boards, and also flexible films (reel-to-reel process).
During development of the processes, machines and associated components, the main focus is on high process functionality. Additionally, we also consider the use of robust components, easy operation, high reliability and safety standards, as well as production yield. Even at high throughput, minimal breakage rates are achieved through material and chemical transport optimized to the process and substrate, while at the same time minimizing contamination or spreading in the system.

Our wet chemical technologies have proven themselves over decades in mass production. This means that we can offer process development and optimization, system design, simulation and construction all from one source.

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