Laser Ablation

Thin-layer removal processes play a major role in many industries. Manz offers a complete portfolio of laser ablation equipment featuring very high throughput, maximum precision and stability for improving the quality and application rate of the end product.

Laser Ablation

Our laser ablation processes can be used on glass and flexible films, and for many other wafer-sized materials in small formats.

Processing steps that can be performed with our laser equipment include:

  • Flat edge ablation on thin-film solar modules
  • Partial ablation of thin film solar modules for use in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Exposure of coated electrodes before welding during battery production.

Further possibilities include partial ablation of electrically conductive layers on glass, such as windshields for IR and high-frequency reading applications or on glazing to prevent radar reflections.

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