College Graduates

As a college graduate, you can begin your professional life at Manz in two different ways: you can either participate in our pre-master’s program, which allows you to combine the theoretical knowledge gained in your master’s degree program with real-world experience working at our company, or you directly start in an entry-level position after earning your degree.

Like David S., for example, who after earning his degree immediately took on an entry-level position at Manz as a software developer and Dominik S. who after earning his degree took an entry-level position as an electro fitter.

David S., software developer:

“Manz AG has allowed me to get familiar with different areas where IT is used in practice. During my practical semester and then my student training I learned about the areas of metrology and vision. I also got to write my thesis at Manz, where I focused on the exciting subject of Industry 4.0. Thanks to the large range of subjects offered by Manz, I was ultimately able to find a field I enjoy where I can really use the skills I've learned.”

Dominik S., Electrical fitter:

"I found out about Manz through a school project. I was working with apprentices at the time, so I already had some insight into the company and liked the style of interaction, the structured flow of the project, the facility, and the trust they showed in me to work independently. That's why I decided to become a mechatronics apprentice at Manz. During my training I got familiar with different departments such as Design, Commissioning and Service. Even before my apprenticeship ended I was offered a permanent position as an electrical fitter. Now I work in the Electrical Assembly department in a highly varied environment."

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