Inspection Systems

One of Manz's long-standing core competencies is the development of image processing systems. The integrated optical inspection systems, physical measurement systems, and analysis instruments are used by customers from various industries.

We offer the complete solution from a single source: process technology, including automation and integrated inspection systems, to ensure the highest precision and speed and to optimize processes.

Our inspection systems cover all relevant steps within a process chain:

  • Inspection after material feed
  • material monitoring during production
  • Final inspection

We develop customized image processing systems – from the design of suitable optics, illumination and camera systems to the programming of the image processing algorithms – with optimally matched measurement methods to improve manufacturing processes.

We operate a fully equipped metrology laboratory in order to carry out even short-term studies to guarantee short development times.

Our customers from different industries, e.g. the consumer electronics, lithium-ion battery or photovoltaic industry, have been relying on our products for years to improve quality and productivity.


Our solutions:

  • Quality control or checking imprints (barcodes, letters and numbers or datamatrix) using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Camera-based 2D and 3D geometric inspections, such as for tablet PCs and displays
  • Surface inspection for scratches, breakouts, contamination or color errors
  • Sensor-based 1D and 2D surface profile measurement, such as for laptop keyboards
  • Measuring the hardness and layer thickness of chemically hardened glass
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Weighing electrolyte content and cell weight of batteries

We have comprehensive experience with a broad range of test objects, such as fluids, films and other flexible materials, glass, ceramics, plastic, semi-conductors, metals.

Rely on our expertise and experience to optimize your production processes and achieve the best results.

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