Laser Processing

Whether as a standalone system or part of a fully integrated production line: Manz laser processing equipment is the first choice — both for special applications and for mass production.

Our engineers draw on years of experience to develop the most current laser technologies and processes that help customers from many industries significantly increase the efficiency of their production processes.
In this way, we have carved out a leading market position in laser micro-processing for a wide range of applications. This includes cutting, drilling, structuring and welding many materials, such as glass, metal, ceramics, textiles and plastics, as well as ablation of layers such as compound semiconductors, metals and dielectric layers on large surfaces. We also offer fully automated solutions for the thermal laser activation of adhesive elements for air- and watertight sealing of e.g. mobile devices.

Our broad spectrum of processing techniques can be combined as desired: removing, applying, separating, joining, modifying — with Manz, you get it all from one source.
Like all of our machines, our laser processing equipment has optical systems for online alignment and quality control. Along with our intelligent automation solutions for parallel loading and unloading, and our equipment’s superior user-friendliness, we ensure our customers high productivity.

Our experienced R&D team works closely with the leading German laser research institutes in the fields of laser sources and optics. With their expertise and our modular machine designs, we can quickly develop new processes and systems for new applications.
After all, one of our greatest strengths is implementing precisely what the customer wants.

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