Laser Processing

Laser machining processes are often an indispensable part of production. That is why we have been developing the latest technologies and processes for laser processing for decades – for innovative and efficient operations, from stand-alone systems to mass production lines.

We develop the latest technologies and processes for laser processing with the aim of increasing the efficiency of production processes so that our customers can produce even faster, easier, or more cost-effectively. Numerous partners from the automotive industry and e-mobility, battery manufacturing, electronics and energy sectors rely on our decades of experience and efficient production solutions.

With our modular machine concepts, we can develop new processes and systems for new applications in a very short time and respond optimally to customer requirements. We work with an experienced team of engineers and in close cooperation with the leading German laser research institutes in the fields of laser sources and optics.

Our portfolio includes micromachining laser processes for a wide variety of applications. These include cutting, drilling, structuring, or welding of different materials such as glass, metals, ceramics, fabrics, and plastics as well as ablation of layers such as compound semiconductors, metals or dielectric layers even on large surfaces. We also offer fully automated solutions for the thermal laser activation of adhesive elements for the airtight and watertight sealing of mobile devices.

Like all our machines, our laser systems are equipped with optical systems for online alignment and quality control. Together with our intelligent automation solutions for parallel loading and unloading and the high maintainability of our systems, we thus ensure high productivity for our customers.

Our Laser Application Center in Reutlingen

In our Laser Application Center (LAC), we offer a unique production environment to test and optimize various laser welding processes and material combinations under real conditions and to create samples of the respective products. The production facilities there cover all common laser welding processes and laser sources. The LAC offers companies an ideal test environment to check and analyze in advance the right laser welding application for their specific requirements. For example, they can evaluate the best joining technique in terms of mechanical strength, welding time, cost, and quality.

Manz Laser Aplication Center

The LAC offers a wide range of laser machining processes and numerous combination options


  • Ablation
  • Applying
  • Separation
  • Joining
  • Modifying
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