Automation Solutions for Your Production

Automation is a critical success factor in production. Only with excellent automation solutions is it possible to achieve reproducible high quality, high throughputs, low production costs, and thus competitive prices. With many years of experience in numerous applications for handling sensitive materials such as silicon wafers and glass, as well as metal, ceramics, plastics, and paper, Manz is your expert for customized automation solutions.

Advantages of Automation and Industry 4.0

In addition to robotics and assembly, there are many seemingly small influencing factors in automated production. However, these can have a particularly large impact on your entire production, affecting both product quality and your manufacturing costs.

Process optimizations thanks to data acquisition
Manz Smart Production Kit

Relevant data relating to machine, product quality and production process can be constantly logged by our systems.

Data acquisition increases transparency about plant behavior and can be made available via customer-specific MES interfaces. Data evaluation enables fast machine commissioning, process qualification and optimization, predictive machine maintenance or advanced machine diagnostics to ensure continuously robust production.

Reduce costs with automated optical metrology
Manz Metrology Solutions

Automatic metrology replaces or enhances human visual inspection, increasing production line efficiency and quality and reducing manufacturing costs. Examples of use include precise and fast part and position detection, dimensional measurement, surveying, surface inspection, defect detection, layer thickness and 3D measurement.

Higher quality thanks to physical measurement technology

Automated, high-precision integrated measurement technology ensures optimum manufacturing processes and ideal product quality. Possible applications include electrical measurement, spectral measurement, geometric measurement and force measurement for a wide variety of products.

Your Advantages with Automation Solutions from Manz


  • Easy adaptation of production machines across generations and planning phases of end products due to modular design
  • Standardization of machine components offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio and short delivery times
  • Everything from a single source: fully integrated production solutions
  • Customized solutions – standardized and proven, but customer-specific
  • Process & prototype development and scaling for pilot production

Experts for Individual Automation Solutions

After developing a pick-and-place handling system with SCARA robot for electronic components, Manz developed the first automation solution for crystalline silicon solar cells with SCARA kinematics in 1990.

In 1994, the first six-axis LCD handling robot was introduced to the Asian market. The automation system was designed for vertical loading of a PVD system under clean room conditions.

Manz Display Industry Automation Solution
Manz 3D Lambda Kinematic

Manz Automation Performance Spectrum

  • Individual consulting for your production projects
  • Complete cluster and line automations with optimal process and material flow
  • Robots including development work, software and final assembly
  • Procedure for optical inspection and quality documentation
  • Physical measurement methods
  • Systems for fully automated assembly
  • Machine operation, line control and digital production support
  • Machines and production lines for all essential steps in the manufacture of automotive power electronics, sensor technology, power storage and lithium-ion batteries
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