Automation is a critical factor for production success. Only excellent automation solutions make it possible to achieve consistent high quality, high throughput, low production cost — and as a result — competitive prices. With almost 30 years of experience in countless applications, Manz has become a market leader in this area. Manz solutions handle sensitive materials, such as silicon wafers or glass, ceramics, plastics and even paper.

In 1990, after developing a pick-and-place handling system with SCARA robots for electronic components, Manz developed the first automation solution for crystalline silicon solar cells using SCARA kinematics. In 1994, the first 6-axis LCD handling robot was introduced to the Asian market. The automation system was designed to vertically load PVD equipment under cleanroom conditions.

We provide various types of robots with fast, precise handling and minimal breakage rates, but we also offer much more: Thanks to our outstanding capabilities in production planning, our customers worldwide rely on our complete cluster and total-fab automations with conveyor segments and robots. These are offered inclusive development, software and final assembly.

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