Vocational Training Programs

This page offers an overview of the different opportunities available at Manz after finishing high school.

Vocational Training Programs

Are you interested in learning a trade in an international company that is playing an active role in shaping fast-growing markets? Do you have good grades and can work independently and in a disciplined manner? Are you reliable, dedicated, and able to work well in a team? Then Manz AG is the right place to complete a vocational training program.

During your training program, which will last between 2.5 and 3.5 years, you can expect to work on challenging and interesting assignments in a variety of areas of the company, where you will be able to make direct use of the theoretical knowledge you gain in real working-life applications. For example, industrial vocational trainees will spend time in the Training Workshop, in Pre-Assembly, Final Assembly, Final Inspection and Commissioning, and the Service departments, while those completing vocational training in a business-related field will become acquainted with the Purchasing, Accounting, Human Resources, and Order Processing departments.

Technical/Industrial Vocational Training Programs

  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Electronics Engineering Technician
  • Industrial Mechanic

Business Vocational Training Programs

  • Industrial Business Management Assistant

Detailed requirements and descriptions of the individual vocational training programs can be found in our vocational training brochure, which can be downloaded from this page.

Interview with Patrick Z. (Industrial Vocational Training Program):

Why did you select Manz when looking for a suitable company to complete a vocational training program?

"I came across the Manz website while I was looking for a company that provides vocational training. Manz works as a high-tech equipment manufacturer in lots of different business segments. Manz is also an international company – two factors that really stoked my interest. It was a combination of all of these that ultimately led me to choose Manz AG."

Are you happy with the training program? What is special about completing a vocational training program at Manz?

"Yes, I am very happy with my apprenticeship at Manz. We are taught to work independently in the first year. I particularly like the fact that after basic commercial training – which includes tasks like filing, milling and lathe work, etc. – we start going to the different departments. We go through every area that is relevant for our training. From warehouse logistics to quality assurance, everything is included. This gives us a good look, for example, at the stations materials pass through from production to final acceptance by the customer."

What part of the training program do you have particularly fond memories of?

"The two-week visit abroad to Manz in Slovakia. Three other apprentices and I got to spend two weeks on kind of a trial run of different assembly processes. I really benefited from this international work experience on both a personal and professional level. Working with our Slovakian colleagues was great fun and it was really interesting to gain insight into our international colleagues' working processes. We also got to weld plastic for the first time."


Prospects after Completing Vocational Training

Manz offers vocational training to cover its own needs. As a result, in most cases, our goal is to offer an open-ended employment contract to trainees who have impressed us with their performance. However, we cannot offer any guarantees in this regard.

Areas of Activity for Industrial Business Management Assistants

  • Purchasing, Procurement
  • Spare-Parts Processing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications
  • Sales

Areas of Activity for Technical Trainees (depending on occupational profile)

  • Production
  • Pre-Assembly and Final Assembly
  • Final Inspection and Commissioning
  • Service

Additional Career Prospects and Advanced Training Opportunities

  • Working as a technician/industrial business assistant (in your field of training)
  • Working your way up the career ladder, such as transferring from Assembly to Final Inspection and Commissioning
  • Completing a DHBW degree program
  • Working part-time as a technician/master craftsman/business administration specialist
  • Working full-time during semester breaks as a technician/master craftsman/business administration specialist