Production Solutions for Your Battery Cell Production

As a supplier of turnkey production lines, we provide the complete production process for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells. Our expertise in automation, assembly, laser processes and integrated inspection systems enables innovative solutions for the production of pouch cells, prismatic cells and round cells.

Battery Cell production – Everything from a single source

Thanks to our decades of experience in battery cell production, we have mastered the key processes in the manufacture of battery cells. From cutting (notching) the electrodes and winding or Z-folding battery cells to welding connection tabs and filling the battery cells with electrolyte, we cover all key process steps in the production of lithium-ion battery cells.

We support our customers from the initial feasibility study to prototypes of machines that produce smaller quantities semi-automatically under real production conditions, through to individual machines or complete production lines. Our main focus is on the close integration of machines and technologies with innovative and efficient processes. Our efficient production processes lead to high system availability and reduced operating costs for our customers.

Comprehensive range of solutions for battery cell production

Thanks to our efficient production processes for manufacturing a wide range of battery cells - from wound button cells to stacked pouch cells - increasingly precise and stable cell structures can be realized. The effects on the performance parameters of battery safety and performance are correspondingly positive. Our modern automation systems are characterized by high process accuracy and increase throughput. As a result, they make a significant contribution to reducing process costs.

When developing and manufacturing high-precision systems for the production of battery cells, you benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the areas of process control, automation and laser technology. Our main focus is on the close integration of machines and technologies with innovative and efficient processes. With our flexible and scalable system design, we offer our customers the complete spectrum of production solutions:  From individual machines, for example for laboratory production, systems for pilot and small series production through to complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for the mass production of lithium-ion battery cells.

High speed for the production of round cells

  • State-of-the-art production facilities with maximum throughput
  • High-speed production from 25 to 40 ppm (pieces per minute)
  • Maximum format flexibility for all common winding cells on one machine
  • Autosplicing for anode, cathode and separator without stopping production
  • Significant increase in process efficiency

Maximum flexibility for cylindrical battery cells

Wound cell designs from the common 18650 to 21700, 4680 and future round cells can be manufactured on Manz equipment.

Originally, round cells were mainly used in consumer electronics, power tools and e-bikes.  For some time now, however, there has also been a trend towards using round cells in electric vehicles.

Focus technology Laser

Manz laser technologies and processes are used in numerous process steps in the production of lithium-ion battery cells. Our proven and extensive service portfolio in laser processing provides our customers with optimal support in the development and optimization of production processes and ensures significant competitive advantages for the performance of their battery cells and modules.

Based on our comprehensive technological expertise, we offer numerous innovative laser processes such as overlap welding, laser cutting, partial removal of materials and coatings or zero-gap and bimetal welding, in which various materials can be welded to a high quality.

Experience our machines live or carry out initial tests

You can do that with us! At our site in Reutlingen, manufacturing companies can use a unique test environment to test and optimize various laser welding processes and material combinations under real conditions and create initial samples of the respective products.

In our innovation center - the OPENfab - in Tübingen, processes and machines for the production of lithium-ion battery cells are currently being developed and can be inspected live there.

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