Simulation & Fab Planning

As a provider of integrated production lines and turnkey factories, Manz has many years of experience in material flow simulation. Not only do we use this expertise in the design of our high-tech production equipment, but also offer it as a service: We support our customers in the design phase or in the analysis of already existing production processes.

Simulation & Fab Planning

Dynamic simulation accompanies the planning of production lines and factories throughout the entire project. For this purpose, we rely on the Siemens Plant Simulation software, which is widely used in mechanical engineering and automotive.

Even before a production line is commissioned, various scenarios and countless production years can be simulated. This makes it possible to identify potential for improvement from an early stage of the project, which can then be incorporated into the targeted optimization of planning.

Transparency about planning status

  • Forecast of the output of an interlinked line
  • Determination of production KPIs such as OEE, plant conditions or buffer filling levels
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Display of sensitivities of individual parameters on the output

Verification of optimization approaches

  • Identification of levers for increasing output
  • Evaluation of different layout variants
  • Determination of the optimal number of load carriers
  • Reduction of inventories and throughput time

Production control

  • Development and validation of control concepts
  • Verification of operating concepts, maintenance plans and product changes
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