Simulation & Fab Planning

As a provider of integrated production lines and turnkey factories, Manz has plenty of experience in material flow simulation and analysis. Not only do we call on this expertise when designing our high-tech production equipment, we also offer it as a service: We assist our customers as early as the design phase or during analysis of existing production processes.

A dynamic simulation accompanies planning of production lines and factories throughout the project. The latest tools and methods are used to combine event-discrete and agent-based models. Even before a production line is commissioned, countless production years can be simulated.
A simulation’s results can show improvement potential and point out possible optimizations.

A material flow simulation and analysis can cover the following points:

  • Stochastic modeling of key performance indicators (KPIs) of each individual piece of equipment
  • Detection of bottlenecks and simultaneity factors
  • Tests of critical situations (such as material blockages or bottlenecks, machine failure)
  • Interactive control and observation of logistical issues
  • Reliable design of buffer sizes and dimensioning of automation in a very early project phase
  • Testing and optimization of operating concepts and maintenance plans
  • Modeling of setup times and product changes
  • Measurement of product-specific metrics, such as overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and overall factory efficiency (OFE) before production even begins
  • Testing and development of production logics, significantly shortening the design, adjustment and commissioning of a manufacturing execution system (MES)