Semiconductor Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP)

The Key Technology to Achieve Semiconductor High-density Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technologies to Drive Innovation

Moving to high portability and multi-functionality for electronics, also with AIoT, 5G, and smart vehicles, the ICs are required compact, better performance & cost-effective. This led to a boom in advanced packaging technologies.

RDL Redistribution Layers
FOPLP Layers

RDL Process is an Integral Part of FOPLP

The rising demand of modern electronics is boosting the technology of homogeneous or heterogeneous integration. Leveraging the RDL process, the latest multi-chip packaging trends are shifting from PCB or IC substrate to advanced integration technologies such as thin film process or 2.5D silicon interposer.

  • Decreasing package thickness
  • Strengthening the foundation of homogeneous or heterogeneous integration
  • Simplifying process flow and reducing material costs

Manz FOPLP RDL Production Solutions

Extensive experience in automation, wet chemistry, electroplating equipment and rich process know-how of RDL technology. This enables Manz to offer customized and high-efficiency integrated manufacturing solutions to fulfill the requirements of FOPLP technology.

  • Full services from equipment to production fab planning
  • Suitable for various substrate for production

The Key Technology to Achieve RDL Process — Novel Vertical Plating

The new vertical electroplating without using a jig, which can save the purchase cost of the jig, as well as the consumption of electroplating solution and the cost of cleaning solution during the process.

Furthermore, the electroplating equipment adopts a modular design, which can be flexibly configured according to the customer's production capacity and plant area. The components can be quickly operated and disassembled, easy to maintain and can help customers to carry out efficient production.

  • Excellent plating uniformity <10% for larger panels and small via (<25µm) filling capabilities
  • No void defect for through hole or via
  • Unique jig free design reduces the chemical consumption & saves the maintenance cost

Manz FOPLP RDL production solutions with proven records for mass manufacture the panel of 510mm x 515mm, 600mm x 600mm, 700mm x 700mm.

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