Advanced Production Solutions for IC Substrates and TGV

High Efficiency Equipment of Modern Electronic Interconnect Systems and Through Glass Vias (TGV)

Our Production Solutions Meet the Manufacturing Criteria of Modern Electronics

Manz offerings are not only providing wet chemistry processes or stand-alone machinery but also delivering one-stop solutions to drive production efficiency and superb quality by linking the production with software and integrated hardware expertise.

IC Substrate

Glass core substrates offer cost advantages and excellent heat dissipation, effectively improving the performance of end products.

The unique properties of the glass interlayer — low electrical loss at high frequencies — make it an ideal choice for the manufacture of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC), resulting in superior performance and efficiency.

Manz Through Glass Via (TGV) solution
Cleaning|Laser processing|Etching|PTH|Plating

IC Substrate 3D Layers

Diverse Production Solutions Lead Customers to Success

Manz offers wet chemistry solutions for pre-treatment, developing, etching, stripping, brown oxide, DSM/PTH, imaging, various surface treatment and automation. With maximized efficiency and stability of equipment, Manz has gained customer trust and confidence.

  • High process stability and high manufacturing yield
  • High integration of hardware and software for rapid production
  • Automation enables production cost reduction
Smart Manufacturing

Accelerate Smart Manufacturing with CIM

The strengths of our one stop solution:

  • Integrate with big data analytics to reduce production risks, labor costs and increase production efficiency
  • Optimize floor space usage and manual testing process to enhance human safety
  • Achieve low energy consumption to reduce operational costs and the environmental impact
  • Sole equipment & fully integrated production solutions
  • Join development for process design and best-fit production solutions
  • Production process simulation & big data analytics planning

Focusing on critical processes of IC substrates, our equipment meets the criteria of manufacturers for modern electronics.

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