Battery Production

Manz AG is one of the leading suppliers of production equipment for lithium-ion battery cells, modules and packs as well as capacitors for electromobility, stationary energy storage and electronic products. We have been setting standards worldwide in this field for over 30 years.

Engineering for Lithium-ion Battery Cell Production

With our technology portfolio for the production of a wide range of battery cells – from wound button cells to stacked pouch cells - we play an important role in the further development of lithium-ion battery technology.

We offer both individual machines, for example for laboratory production, systems for pilot and small series production as well as complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery cells. Our machines and systems are characterized by a high production speed, are highly precise and reliable.

Thanks to our efficient production processes for manufacturing stacked or wound battery cells, increasingly precise and at the same time more stable cell structures can be realized. The effects on the performance parameters of the batteries are correspondingly positive. In addition to the high process accuracy, our modern automation systems for increasing throughput also have a significant influence on the reduction of production costs.

  • Production solutions for cylindrical, prismatic or pouch battery cells
  • Individual machines, for example for laboratory production, systems for pilot and small series production as well as complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for battery production
  • Machines and equipment for the production of wound or stacked battery cells
  • For electronic products, battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), stationary storage systems

Machines and Production Equipment for the Production of Lithium-ion Battery Modules

From a single machine for example for laboratories, for pilot and small batch production, to a complete assembly line or turnkey plant for mass production, we have a production solution for all the processes you need for assembling lithium-ion battery cells into battery modules.

In the development and manufacture of high-precision equipment for the production of battery cells and their processing into complete battery systems, you benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the areas of process control, automation and laser technology.

  • We accompany you from the first idea to the finished production process
  • Process know-how to support you in the development and optimization of processes
  • Integrated testing and inspection systems for monitoring and controlling the production process

Future Battery Technologies - The Battery Factory of the Future

In the Future Battery Technologies area, we are developing innovative processes and integrated production lines for the Lithium-ion Battery Factory of the Future (LBF). In the future, cylindrical battery cells and modules, pouch battery cells and modules, and prismatic battery cells and modules of the next Generation 3 (Gen3a and Gen3b) and Generation 4 (Gen4) will be produced in the LBF.

The aim is to make an effective contribution to accelerating the transition to all-solid-state batteries and to help build a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe.


Production Solutions for the Manufacture of Capacitors

In addition to stand-alone equipment, we offer integrated production lines, standard and customized solutions for the mass production of capacitors used in various industries.

We enable our customers to produce reliable capacitors that are manufactured with high precision and meet the high demands of the industry. In this way, we ensure that high-performance products can be produced cost-effectively and in large quantities.


  • Winding and assembly platforms for the construction of capacitors for medical technology with high efficiency and low reject rates
  • Machines for the production of capacitors for local storage of renewable energy
  • Single machines or turnkey lines to meet the demanding demand for high-performance axial aluminum-lead electrolytic capacitors in the electromobility sector
  • Capacitor manufacturing machines for reliable and high-precision electronic components for a wide range of electronic products such as servers, PCs, notebooks, hard drives, LCD displays, printers, scanners and more
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