Production solutions for high-performance battery production

Efficient battery production is one of the key prerequisites for a successful energy and mobility transition. From the production of lithium-ion battery cells to the assembly of battery cells into battery modules or battery packs, we have the right production solution. With our modular production equipment and our enormous process expertise, we have been setting global standards in lithium-ion battery production for many years.

Modular production equipment for future markets

Whether you are a start-up or a gigafactory - thanks to our modular approach, we have the perfect solution for your battery production.

Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive portfolio that covers the entire battery production value chain: From the production of individual battery cells to the final assembly of complete battery systems. You benefit from our comprehensive expertise in process control, automation and laser technology in the development and production of high-precision systems for the manufacture of battery cells and their processing into complete battery systems.

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Battery cell production: From sample to series production

Are you looking for a production solution for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells? Benefit from our extensive service portfolio and knowledge. We support you in setting up and expanding your production system, from prototyping and small series production to complete assembly lines for the large-scale production of lithium-ion battery cells.

Battery Laser Notching

Production solutions for battery modules

With our solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery modules, we round off the portfolio for battery production and enable battery cell manufacturers, among others, to extend the value chain towards module production.

Our automated assembly lines and the processes and technologies integrated into them - such as innovative laser, testing and inspection technologies - take your production to a new level in terms of quality and throughput. In this way, we work with you to secure your company's success and consolidate your market position.

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Turnkey lithium-ion battery production from a single source

Together with our strategic partners GROB and Dürr, we act as a European system provider for fully automated battery production systems. Through this cooperation, battery producers are offered complete solutions for the entire value chain from a single source.

Our joint technology offering stands for highly efficient production processes with maximum digitalization, high availability and excellent product quality. Together, we cover the entire battery production process along the value chain: From electrode production to stack/cell assembly, finishing and formation of the cells to the assembly of battery modules and packs.

Cooperation Duerr, Grob, Manz
Laser Tab Welding

Laser welding as a key process - the smart alternative to ultrasonic welding

Laser welding is used in various steps in battery cell and battery module production and is an alternative to ultrasonic welding.

The advantages of laser welding include

Contactless process

Laser welding is a non-contact welding process, which means that no electrodes touch the workpiece. This prevents damage or contamination of the material.

Greater precision and control

Laser welding enables very precise control of the welding process, which is particularly important for complex welding tasks and thin materials.


Laser welding is suitable for a wide range of materials and can be used for different material thicknesses.

Higher welding speed

Laser welding increases production speed and has a positive effect on production efficiency.

Less heat influence

Because laser welding uses a highly concentrated heat source, the heat-affected zone (the area that is affected by the heat) is smaller than with other welding methods.

Better weld seams

For some materials and applications, more durable weld seams can be achieved with laser welding compared to ultrasonic welding.

The lithium-ion battery factory of the future

The global demand for production technology for lithium-ion battery cells and modules is continuously increasing and will continue to rise sharply in the coming years, also driven by the expansion of electromobility.

We have therefore set ourselves the goal of helping to accelerate the transition to all-solid-state batteries and contributing to the development of a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe.

With our Lithium-Ion Battery Factory of the Future (LBF) project, we are developing highly efficient machines and processes for the fully automated production of next-generation lithium-ion batteries.


Our goals

Future Battery Technologies
  • Reduction of energy consumption in production
  • Digitalization of the factory (Industry 4.0)
  • Continuously automated process optimization through the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Fast product and format change
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership (CoO)
Euopean Battery
Manz IPCEI Logos

The Battery Factory of the Future – a European Funding Project 

The European Battery Innovation (EuBatIn) is funded by the European Commission as an IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) because of its important contribution to growth, employment and competitiveness of the European industry and economy.

Manz AG and its subsidiary Manz Italy S.r.l. are partners in the European research project EuBatIn.

EuBatIn, with 42 partners from over ten European countries, is pursuing an ambitious goal: to map the entire value chain of lithium-ion battery production in such a way that competitive mass production is achieved exclusively by European companies and components. In this way, the project is helping to strengthen an industry that is of strategic importance for the future of Europe, especially with regard to clean and low-emission mobility.

The Manz Group is the leader in the value chain for the entire range of production equipment used to manufacture battery cells and battery systems.

Within the EuBatIn project, we have set ourselves the goal of developing the lithium-ion battery factory of the future.

The lithium-ion battery factory of the future is a sub-project of EuBatIn and is funded by the European Commission.

Openfab Manz Tuebingen

Experience our machines live or carry out initial tests

You can do that with us! At our site in Reutlingen, manufacturing companies can use a unique test environment to test and optimize various laser welding processes and material combinations under real conditions and create initial samples of the respective products.

In our innovation center - the OPENfab - in Tübingen, processes and machines for the production of lithium-ion battery cells are currently being developed and can be inspected live there.

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