Manz is your development partner for implementing new applications and products. More than 500 engineers and our flexible structures enable simultaneous development with the customer. They enable short development times and quick market roll-out.

From our expertise in automation, we have developed a new additive manufacturing method. With this method, three-dimensional products from flexible material cuts can be manufactured individually or en series. For more on the topic, "Additive manufacturing method from Manz" see:

Our equipment portfolio includes:
Prototypes/laboratory equipment, individual equipment, integrated production lines, turnkey solutions

As a high-tech equipment manufacturer, we continuously drive development in our base technologies, thereby laying the foundation for successful cross-industry technology transfer in our target markets. This approach facilitates internal synergies that greatly benefit our customers.
The very high level of integration of our production solutions offers our customers the lowest production costs.
Manz offers integrated system solutions in the following fields: