Optimal cleaning of sensitive substrates is a prerequisite for the best results in downstream processes. Manz offers wet chemical cleaning systems for stiff and flexible substrates. The systems are highly effective, but gentle on materials.


Ever higher resolution structures lead to ever greater demands for substrate cleanliness. Manz cleaning systems reliably remove the smallest particles, dust and organic contaminants and therefore provide optimal conditions for further processing stages.

Our product line includes flow-through systems for cleaning a wide range of different substrates (e.g. glass, flexible materials). This involves use of a diversity of cleaning technologies, such as:

  • Brushes
  • Ultrasound
  • Megasound
  • High-pressure rinsing

Our systems therefore cover a broad spectrum of cleaning processes and possible substrates. These range from input cleaning of raw glass in display and touch panel production to cleaning substrates already coated (such as oleophobic coated glasses or semiconductor or PC substrates before copper deposition). Therefore substrate sizes from smartphones to a format of 3,370 × 2,940 mm (Gen 10.5) can be processed.

To properly supply the processes with the necessary cleaning chemical, we also provide the corresponding supply systems.

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