Developing, Etching, Stripping & Reworking

Wet chemical processes for lithography development, etching and stripping are used in IC substrate as well as in display and semiconductor panel-level packaging production. These etching processes are also very important in photovoltaic production. The product range of Manz covers all process steps and also includes wet chemical processing equipment for reworking and/or cleaning.

Developing, Etching, Stripping & Reworking

Manz offers fully automated processing solutions for developing, etching and stripping of substrates. Our product range also covers wet chemical processing equipment for reworking – namely, the complete removal of all layers – so that expensive materials can be regained and substrates recycled back into the production process.

With decades of experience Manz has unique expertise in etching processes. They range from texturing to polishing (e.g. polishing of metal surfaces) to metal etching (e.g. copper etching on PCBs). All these processes are also available for single-sided etching (e.g. chemical edge isolation).
Many dangerous chemicals are used in etching processes. In case a central supply of chemistries like hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid or potassium hydroxide solution is not available, we also offer fitting chemistry supply cabinets.
Our etching processes can be applied to various substrates, such as glass or PCBs.

For the stripping of the photoresist we provide caustic processes (e.g., NaOH, KOH) as they are commonly used in PCB production, as well as organic processes (e.g. MEA, BDG) as often used in display production.

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