Coating & Plating

Manz offers various coating and plating processes. Starting with copper galvanic and electroless plating in PCB production up to chemical bath deposition (CBD) in photovoltaics in the production of thin-film solar modules.

Coating & Plating


Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) is an effective way to deposit thinner layers of CdS (cadmium sulfide) or alternative buffer substances, e.g. ZnS (zinc sulfide), onto glass substrates. Therefore, the CBD method is an important step in the production of CIGS or CdTe thin-film solar modules.
In the production of CIGS solar modules, the deposition of CdS serves as a very efficient surface passivation of the CIGS layer, establishes the CIGS/CdS hetero-junction (band alignment), covers shunts, and finally, protects the hetero-interface from damage caused by the highly energetic ZnO-sputtering process.

Based on our more than 20 years’ experience in the research and development of buffer layers, we created a fully automated inline CBD tool. With its compact design and footprint, the Manz ICBD (Inline Chemical Bath Deposition) system is a reliable and scalable tool for the use both in pilot and in mass production.
Our patented Butterfly Wobbling System provides an optimal mixing of chemicals and ensures exceptional process uniformity and the worldwide fastest process time (156 s for 50 nm CdS).
Highest tool uptime as well as the best process yield and uniformity ensure perfect processing results for high-quality, thin-film solar modules, while at the same time keeping costs at a very low level.

Plating (metallization)

The metallization of through holes in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB) is traditionally done by a preparatory horizontal Desmear (DSM) process, followed by an electroless PTH (Plated-Through Holes) process and vertical plating. This process combination normally requires a complicated switch from horizontal to vertical goods transport within a limited timespan, to ensure that the substrates do not oxidize if they remain in the production process for too long.

To avoid this time consuming handling, Manz has developed a horizontal flash plating tool. In combination with the horizontal Desmear and PTH processes, our horizontal flash plating process makes metallization possible in one continual horizontal production line. Thus, handling and change from horizontal to vertical transport of substrates between the three processes is no longer necessary. The continuous goods transport not only saves process time, but also prevents damage of the surface during handling. By means of a single, integrated control panel, the three processes of DSM, PTH and flash plating can be easily controlled.

Our unique clamping devices ensure good mechanical conduct of the printed circuit boards and facilitate smooth transportation, while the current of each anode set is controlled independently.
Due to the height adjustable upper anodes for a quick initial metallization and the modular design, the machine can easily be adapted to the customers' request and is maintenance friendly with a minimized lead and installation time.
Equipped with a precise tension and edge position control, our flash plating tool is also suitable for the production of thin flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB).

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