Automated Production Equipment for Cell Contacting Systems

Cell contacting systems play a central role within the electric powertrain. They connect the individual battery cells to form a highly efficient battery module and pass on the voltage via sensor lines for power consumption. In the automated production of cell contact systems, a number of critical points must be taken into account in the plant design in order to prepare the processes and production facilities for large-scale production.

Manz AG has already been involved in the development and automated production of e-mobility components such as cell contact systems since 2016. Potential customers benefit from this process know-how and existing process libraries, as they can access proven, standardized processes and quickly move into production mode.

Key Challenges for Production Equipment for Cell Contacting Systems

For a supplier like Manz, which has very extensive and long-standing experience in the automation of complex, high-precision production systems for microelectronic components, the individual process and production steps required for the manufacture of cell contacting systems are manageable in their difficulty. Depending on the product requirement, whether battery modules with cylindrical, prismatic or pouch cells are contacted, between 15 and 50 proven and product-specific processes are required, which individually are not particularly complex.

The added value in the production of cell contacting systems is not created by the individual process and work steps, but by the perfect, automated orchestration of the processes. A key challenge in system design is to identify processes critical to automation at an early stage, test them, develop scenarios and solutions for highly scaled automated production, and integrate the individual process modules intelligently, efficiently and flexibly. Here, OEMs and suppliers alike can benefit from our cross-industry expertise. In high-tech industries such as solar or consumer electronics, ultra-precise, automated assembly of electronic components in high volumes has been the industry standard for years. We help you to check the predominantly standardized key processes in cell contacting system production plants for their automation capability and to intelligently orchestrate the production chain.

No time for experiments: process know-how as a trump card

A central success factor when setting up cell contacting system production systems is the identification of critical processes. Manz AG has a comprehensive process library in which essential production processes are stored and defined. These safe, stable, and tested core processes no longer need to be redeveloped, which saves valuable time and thus costs, as well as preventing expensive failed attempts. However, the processes are by no means rigid, but agilely oriented, and can be configured accordingly to your customer needs. Manz AG has experience in simultaneous engineering through numerous customer projects, so that you can concentrate on development while our experts take over the planning of the production and automation solution in parallel.

No two cell contacting systems are alike

Cell contacting systems are highly individualized products that vary greatly depending on the power, OEM and battery type - round cells, prismatic cells or pouch cells. In addition to determining the respective battery design, there are variants in contacting, such as contacting the cells from above and below in one cell contacting system or separate cell contacing systems for above and below. We will work with you to develop and implement the optimal processes for the perfect production system for your needs.

Recognize and eliminate sources of error

In core processes such as ultrasonic welding or laser welding, application of gap fillers or press-fit, there are countless potential sources of error that must be identified and avoided. In recent years, we have developed enormous process know-how in various core processes. This know-how saves time and money and accelerates the development and production of market-ready products.


Your Partner for Cell Contacting System Production Equipment

  • Fully automated production of a wide range of cell contacting systems variants - for prismatic or cylindrical cell types
  • Product-specific handling of flexible components (e.g. flat cable or foil assembly)
  • Fully automated use of ultrasonic and laser welding processes
  • Reel-to-reel cable processing using laser technology
  • AGV/FTS-based material feed from external supply
  • Scalability and changeability during and after the project due to the modular structure of the production solution

The modular LightAssembly Platform from Manz: Ideal for Cell Contacting System Production Lines.

Think big, start small: From stand-alone systems to fully integrated production lines, our production equipment grows with your requirements and can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Our LightAssembly platform is based on a modular approach and offers the greatest possible flexibility for state-of-the-art production processes. The assembly line can be adapted via software to different sizes and designs of the final product, so that different types of cell contact systems for different battery cells can be produced on the line.


Especially for the needs of the automotive industry, we have developed product-specific production solutions for cell contacting systems of lithium-ion batteries that meet the market's high requirements for quality, speed and cost efficiency. For this purpose, different technologies are used that can be individually combined: from assembly to ultrasonic welding, bonding and soldering to laser applications, cleaning and automated functional testing.

Thanks to its modular design, our LightAssembly platform can be configured to suit specific applications - from individual machines to production lines - and can be adapted to changing product requirements within a very short time. Standardized modules ensure rapid commissioning and scalability. Quick-change systems and configurable workpiece carriers increase flexibility and output. Driverless transport systems ensure a smooth material flow if required. The LightAssembly production solution can be easily integrated into a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for networked and transparent production and can be expanded by third-party solutions. Software-controlled setup and production processes as well as comprehensive Deep Data Logging diagnostic functions speed up setup and increase productivity and process reliability.

Manz's modular 'LightAssembly' platform offers OEMs and suppliers the possibility to initially produce smaller quantities and, based on the individual lifecycle phases of the products, to upgrade and automate the production concept as an integrated line or as cluster solutions for larger capacities and, if necessary, additional processes.

We are happy to accompany you from the initial idea to the finished production process! Furthermore, production lines for inverters and battery management systems complete our portfolio.

The Advantages of our Cell Contacting System Platform Solution

  • Modular, scalable and flexible: Our modular principle enables the automation of product-specific processes and offers flexibility in the design of the plant layout
  • Outstanding process technology: Product-specific implementation of production solutions with the experience gained from over 50 fully integrated processes for the assembly of cell contacting systems
  • Digital, networked, data-based: Continuous monitoring of production and quality data
  • Compact, proven, efficient: Productivity gain through workpiece carrier bypassing and minimized system footprint through cross transport of elongated workpieces in line
  • Internationality: Consulting, testing and production close to the factory

Manz - Partner to the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is facing major challenges due to megatrends such as digitalization, autonomous driving, or e-mobility. As a development partner and trailblazer, we help to successfully tackle the tasks and thus shape the automotive future. Our focus is on intelligent and integrated production solutions for various components in the fields of automotive electronics and the electric powertrain. These include production facilities for inverters, battery management systems, displays, electronic components and control units, sensors and cameras for assistance systems.


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