Production Solutions for Your Battery Module Manufacturing

With pioneering solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery modules, we round off the portfolio for battery production and enable you to extend the value chain towards module production.

Flexible solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery modules

Battery module assembly ensures that the battery cells are assembled into functional modules. We are a trusted development partner and strengthen the competitiveness and market position of our customers with our forward-looking and efficient production solutions. With a highly flexible range of services from individual machines for laboratory production to systems for small series production and fully integrated series production, our innovative processes ensure high module quantities with the highest quality and minimal waste.

Numerous pioneering processes for handling, cleaning and testing battery cells are integrated into our systems. Depending on customer specifications, all common battery formats such as prismatic, cylindrical and pouch cells can be configured into modules. If required, the configuration can be quickly adapted and third-party solutions can be easily integrated. Efficient inspection and measurement systems ensure the consistently high quality of the battery modules.

Quality, process parameters and part traceability are seamlessly tracked for each battery cell. This allows potential faults or defects to be detected and sorted out at an early stage, resulting in efficient, high-quality and smooth battery module production.


Our range of expertise in battery module production

We combine high-precision production technologies with innovative assembly solutions to create tailor-made, customer-specific production lines. We support our customers right from the development and conception of cost-effective and sustainable production. Our aim is to work with our customers to optimize production processes and increase the efficiency and performance of the battery modules produced.  

Our solutions along the entire battery module process chain:


Module contacting

Here, the individual battery cells are electrically connected to create a functional unit.

Electrical assembly

In this step, electrical components such as cabling and control units are inserted and connected.

Final assembly

The complete assembly of the battery module, including all components and housing parts.

Testing / End-of-Line (EOL)

Comprehensive checks and tests of the finished module for functionality and safety.

Top view of a battery module consisting of cylindrical battery cells

Focus Technology: Laser

We mainly use our laser welding technology to connect battery cells with busbars or electrical components of the module. This technology offers the highest level of precision and quality. This is particularly crucial at the end of the value creation process, as production errors are particularly cost-intensive here.

Performance parameters for significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) in the production of battery modules:

  • 0.5 seconds processing time per battery cell
  • Up to 300 battery cells in one pick-and-place work step
  • High degree of integration
  • Integrated inspection and measuring systems
  • Testing for electrical properties and communication capability
  • Integrated processes for handling, cleaning and testing
  • End-of-line testing (EoL)

Turnkey lithium-ion battery production from a single source

Together with our strategic partners GROB and Dürr, we act as a European system provider for fully automated battery production systems. This cooperation provides battery manufacturers with complete solutions for the entire value chain from a single source. Our joint technology offering stands for highly efficient production processes with maximum digitalization, high availability and excellent product quality. Together, we cover the entire battery production process along the value chain: From electrode production to stack/cell assembly, finishing and formation of the cells to the assembly of battery modules and packs.

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