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With several thousand installed robotic systems, Manz can look back on a long, successful history for automation solutions in the display and touch panel, solar and Li-ion battery industries. Manz has successfully transferred this know-how to numerous other industries and applications.

Your Experts for Automation and Robotics in Engineering

Manz's product portfolio includes innovative solutions for a wide variety of handling and assembly tasks, which are characterized above all by low maintenance requirements and the highest process quality. Low operating costs and the high productivity of the systems through minimal cycle times and maximized process utilization are a key factor for successful production operations.

In addition to cost savings and optimized processes, automation and the step towards Industry 4.0 bring you further advantages in the face of current challenges, such as the shortage of skilled workers and the requirement to be able to react ever more flexibly to events.

Manz 3D Lambda Kinematics
Manz Electronics Display Production Solutions

Our Customized Range of Services

Our performance spectrum in automation and robotics ranges from inline automation for loading and unloading process machines to complete automation and material flow solutions with integrated buffer systems and connection to production master computer systems. In combination with high-performance image processing systems, we guarantee stable, high qualities with maximum machine availability. In addition, our project-specific automation solutions are also optimally suited for use under cleanroom conditions.

In addition, we offer trend-setting solutions in the field of robot and motion control for high-precision and highly dynamic applications.

Use of our Automation Robotics Systems

Our solutions using robotic automation systems are suitable for industrial automation in various industries. For example, handling operations of customer parts ranging in size from 20 × 20 mm (e.g. for smartwatches) to 1,200 × 400 mm for larger assemblies, such as for automotive products, can be automated with highly effective systems.

In addition, we offer automation systems for all substrate sizes used in the production of TFT-LCD, OLED, touch sensors and cover glasses, from 60 mm × 125 mm to 3300 mm x 2250 mm. Our proven standard solutions can be adapted to further, project-specific requirements, applications and product sizes at any time.

Our systems are mainly used in the handling of the following substrates:

Handling of Glass Panels

  • 6- or 7-axis robot for vertical and horizontal handling of substrates
  • 3- or 4-axis robot for horizontal handling of substrates or cassettes
  • Cassette buffer system (FIFO, LIFO, chaotic storage.); substrates can be purged with inert gas or dry air to achieve longer storage times

Handling of Components for Machining Processes

  • Solutions for sensory-assisted handling and positioning
  • Product-specific handling systems
  • 3D Lambda Kinematics - Unique Process Feeding for Shortest Cycle Times
  • Cartesian handling systems with linear direct drive for the highest dynamic handling tasks and minimal wear behavior for low-maintenance production

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