Physical Measurement

In addition to image processing and optical inspection, Manz also has extensive experience in physical metrology. Our high-precision and integrated solutions stand for outstanding product quality as well as components with zero defect rates.

We offer many physical measuring processes for a wide range of components and materials:

Electrical measurement technology

  • Measuring insulation resistance, such as in lithium-ion batteries
  • Low-impedance measurements with 4-wire method/4W method for example with cell contacting system
  • Measurement of open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery cells and modules
  • High-voltage (HV) testing of e.g. cell contacting systems (CCS)
  • End-of-line (EOL) testing


  • Automated weighing in the milligram range for e.g. battery electrolyte content
  • Applications such as replenishing for potting/adhesives


Spectral measurement technology

  • Inline X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) for highly precise measurement of element concentrations or analysis of layer thicknesses and composition
  • Spectrally resolved transmission measurement of filter layers in small-format glass substrates, such as smartphone cover glasses


Geometric measurement technology

  • 2D profile measurement of gap dimensions and protrusions of laptop keyboards
  • Tactile difference measurement in the micrometer range, such as for sealing seam thicknesses of battery pouch cells
  • Depth measurement and stage measurement
  • Thickness measurement and deflection measurement of substrates with optical 1D distance sensors (laser triangulation)
  • High-resolution dimensional and roundness measurements, e.g. of battery cells
  • Depth and step measurement with resolution in the micrometer range


Force measurement technology

  • Measuring the sealing force on film seals
  • Force measurement for regulating robotic joining processes, such as of laptop components
  • Measurement of hold-down forces of laser welding processes


Leakage test

  • Measurement of helium leakage rate from battery cells or inverters


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