Digital Printing (Direct2shape)

Direct-to-product, direct-to-object, Functional or Direct2shape Printing – just a few terms for high-quality and, above all, direct printing and finishing of products, components and surfaces. As part of its comprehensive technology portfolio, Manz offers mechanical engineering solutions for the industrialization of digital printing using inkjet printing.

Competence meets Competence

Many years of expertise in the automation of fully integrated production processes and a wide range of services in terms of development and industrialization of digital printing processes and applications – the combination of the core competencies of Manz AG and those of our partner CADIS enable our customers to find innovative and intelligent mechanical engineering solutions for the industrialization of inkjet printing technology to offer.

Inkjet Printing Technology

Inkjet printing technology is highly efficient and complex. Especially if you are thinking about printing a wide variety of products, components and surfaces in industry and want to make them ready for mass production. Printing and finishing options can be: optics, haptics as well as 2D and 3D printing.

But this is not the only thing that this digital printing process can do. The area of ​​application of functional printing – in which surfaces will be printed with intelligent materials and objects to become an “intelligence” (e.g. wafer-thin semiconductors and/or sensors) – is a highly growing market with high potential.

Flexible and direct – Production solutions from Manz

The seamless integration of printing technology and the associated ink supply systems in Manz production and machine concepts enables unprecedented flexibility in terms of printable products.

  • Tried and tested modular technology
  • Maximum flexibility in the system / machine concept (from the individual machine to turnkey production lines)
  • Simulation of planned production processes
  • Customized handling and material handling systems
  • Innovative solutions for transport and material handling
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