High School Students

You don’t want to continue learning at just any old company? Then come to Manz and begin the program that is right for you and, in doing so, lay the foundation for a successful career.

High School Students

Will you soon be successfully completing high school and already know what you want to do? And on top of that, you are absolutely sure that Manz is the right fit and that you want to launch your career here?

Then take a look at the following pages and find the program that is right for you! We offer a number of varied vocational training programs, interesting combined vocational training and degree Programs (DHBW and the Reutlingen model), and exciting activities that will make your time at Manz truly special.

Anna-Lisa B. did the exact same thing not too long ago: she decided on a vocational training program at Manz AG to become an industrial business management assistant.

Anna-Lisa B., Industrial Business Management Assistant:

“At Manz, autonomy is strongly encouraged through a variety of interesting assignments. As I go through the various departments, I learn a lot of processes and ways of working. Every day I learn something new and advance that much more. My colleagues support me with the expertise necessary to succeed at my assignments. Because the work is so diverse, and my colleagues are so open and helpful, I’d take another internship at Manz any day."

On the following pages, you can find out more about the opportunities Manz offers for launching your professional career.