Laser Drilling

Manz covers a wide array of drilling processes for holes and openings with user-defined shapes in hard, brittle or flexible materials. Our offerings range from individual and in-line laser drilling equipment for architectural glass and photovoltaic substrates, to high-throughput systems for drilling holes in housings of electronic devices, such as smartphones, to equipment for drilling film.

Laser Drilling

Depending on the laser process, the following substrates can be drilled:

  • Micro-drilling of hard, brittle and flexible materials
    • Silicon
    • Sapphire
    • Glass
    • Ceramics and ceramic films
    • Printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards
  • Macro-drilling of hard, brittle materials
    • Sapphire
    • Glass (float glass, hardened glass): mounting holes, bushings, pressure equalization holes
    • Ceramics

Manz also has both the process expertise and the optical process technology for high-precision drilling at maximum throughput. In a recent project, 2,500 holes were drilled per second with a positional precision of ±2 µm on a 130 mm square machining area.

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