Manz offers efficient systems and equipment for fully automated assembly, optimally tailored to the needs of a broad range of industries. Especially in Asian countries, we have seen an increasing trend toward automated production. Factors driving this include the rising cost of wages, improvement of working conditions, demand for consistently high product quality and even issues like protection of intellectual property.


Our modular and fully automatic assembly systems build on our decades of technological experience in robotics, automation, image processing, and control and laser technology.
Our customers are producers and their suppliers and largely come from the consumer electronics and automotive industry.

Manz’s standardization of machine components offers an excellent cost/benefit ratio and short delivery times. At the same time, our equipment’s modular structure makes it simple to reuse machines over several generations of end products. These qualities are crucial to our customers’ investment decisions, because short product cycles are a given in their market.

Our high-precision, fully automated assembly systems have an integrated alignment function. During loading, transport and unloading, the components are fastened to workpiece carriers and transported through the system.

In combination with other process systems, our equipment is also designed for the following production steps:

  • Input and output monitoring of components and completed devices
  • Automatic component matching for achieving maximum quality
  • Screwing or adhering components
  • Applying labels (such as barcodes)
  • Laser marking
  • Laser welding
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