Assembly Automation

Manz offers efficient systems and equipment for fully automated assembly that are ideally tailored to the needs of different industries. Rising labor costs, lack of manpower, increasing complexity of assembly processes, and increased demands on the quality of end products: The automotive industry is facing new challenges in mass production with the mobility revolution. Partially or fully automated assembly lines are an important aspect here. To automate end-to-end value creation on the store floor across all assembly line processes, our LightAssembly platform offers the perfect solution for your production.

Experts for the Automation of Assembly Systems

Our modular and fully automated assembly systems build on our decades of technological expertise in robotics, automation, inspection and control, and laser technology.

Our clientele consists of producers and suppliers and comes mostly from the consumer electronics and automotive industries.

Example of Manz LightAssembly Platform
Systems for fully automated assembly from Manz

Short Delivery Times and Easy Reuse Possible

By standardizing the machine components, Manz enables an excellent cost-benefit ratio with short delivery times. At the same time, the modular design of our equipment offers coherent and customer-specific layout planning of the production facilities across all planning phases. These features are crucial for early planning reliability and the investment decisions of our customers, whose time-to-market requirements are often characterized by short product cycles.

Possible Applications of our Flexible Assembly Systems

The modular platform LightAssembly offers the possibility to initially produce smaller quantities and, based on the individual life cycle phases of the products, to upgrade and automate the production concept as an integrated line or as cluster solutions for larger capacities and, if necessary, additional processes.

Our scalable systems for assembly automation work by means of an integrated material flow function. During loading, transport and unloading, the components are fixed on workpiece carriers and transported through the system.

In combination with the customer-specific integrable process modules, our plants are designed for the following production steps, among others:

  • Automated handling, shaping and positioning
  • Automated joining techniques
  • Automated optical inspection and testing (AOI)
  • Integration of electrical tests (EOL, end-of-line tests, leak tests)
  • Feeding and palletizing
  • Cleaning of components or surfaces
  • Laser marking, e.g. DMC
  • Matching & Sorting: Automatic matching of components to achieve highest quality
  • Screwing or bonding of components
  • Applying labels (e.g. barcode)
  • Laser welding

The Advantages of Our LightAssembly Line


  • High quality and throughput rates for your production
  • Maximum flexibility through modular concept
  • Fast spare parts availability due to high level of standard
  • High degree of integration
  • Stable and profitable production

One Basis, Many Options: The Optimal Solution for Every Customer

Manz LightAssembly for Mounting

Manz LightAssembly for Mounting

  • The stand-alone version: process module with option for manual loading and unloading.
  • The basic model: loading and unloading unit, conveyor belt, two lifts and one or a few process stations.
Manz LightAssembly for testing and assembly

Manz LightAssembly for testing and assembly

  • An expansion option: loading and unloading unit, conveyor belt, two lifts, several process stations as well as stations for parts matching, inspection, labeling and quality assurance. Customizable.

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