Stationary Energy Storage

Storage technologies are fundamental for successful energy transition — and for guaranteeing an independent energy supply.

Our Know-how for High-performance Storage Systems

Energy has to be ready when it is needed. For that reason, the high volatility of power grids must be balanced by an increasing percentage of renewable energy.

This creates increasing demand for load balancing technologies and for intelligent, high-performance battery storage systems.


High-tech Mechanical Engineering for the Latest Energy Storage Technologies

We develop and build high-precision individual machines or production lines for you to manufacture lithium-ion battery cells, battery modules or capacitors.

With our machines, we ensure that increasingly powerful storage systems can be produced cost-effectively and used for local storage of renewable energies.

Together We Improve the Quality of Battery Storage

When manufacturing the capacitors and battery cells, as well as processing them into complete battery systems, you benefit from our expertise in process control, automation, and laser technology.

Through perfectly coordinated and interlinked processes, Manz's production solutions have a significant impact on improving the quality and service life of batteries and capacitors while reducing production costs.

  • From pilot line to mass production
  • Expertise for automation and laser processes in battery production
  • Perfectly coordinated and linked processes
  • Improving the quality and life of batteries and capacitors
  • Reduction of production costs
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