As a globally recognized manufacturer of integrated production systems, we work with our customers to develop highly efficient machines and systems for the production of electronic components as well as power and consumer electronics devices. In this way, we significantly increase the performance of the end products and ensure your success.

Our portfolio for the electronics industry

The extremely dynamic growth industry of electronics requires maximum flexibility and speed to respond to new requirements. With the rapid digitalization in industrial production (smart factory) and a multitude of smart applications and services such as smart home or smart grid, the need for high-performance components and energy storage devices in our core electronics industry is growing.

The market needs production solutions for ever smaller and more efficient electronic components as well as digital, easily adaptable and traceable processes. Production scalability and product traceability are key success factors for cost-efficient manufacturing.

Successful with Manz – production solutions for electronics

Production systems for electronics

Manz offers intelligent system concepts for the production of electronic components and devices from the fields of power electronics and consumer electronics. In addition to electronic components, this also involves efficient energy storage concepts and modules in particular.


  • Electronic components such as IC substrates, semiconductors, and displays
  • Power electronics such as rectifiers, inverters, DC changers, AC changers or frequency converters
  • Consumer electronics such as smartwatches, wearables and laptops, and the battery technology they contain

Comprehensive technology know-how

With decades of experience in integrated production systems for electronics manufacturing, we are a competent technology and process expert for future markets. For the automotive industry, but also across all sectors where electronics and memory systems are in demand.

Our technologies such as automation, assembly, laser processing and wet chemistry are continuously developed and ensure optimized processes and a high OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness).


We deliver diverse solutions along the entire value chain, from the idea to the fully integrated, turnkey production line: turnkey solutions, everything from a single source.

  • Over 30 years of experience in automation and assembly
  • Production scalability
  • Maximum modularity and flexibility
  • Very high level of integration
  • High quality through integrated measurement and inspection systems
  • 100 % precision for high OEE
  • Strong partner network
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