College Students

By integrating you into our daily operations and allowing you to work on a flexible schedule, we can offer you a good look at professional life. At Manz, it goes without saying that you will gain practical experience and receive technical support.

Maximilian O., intern, student trainee and Master's student:

"While I was doing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mechatronics at the University of Reutlingen, Manz AG enabled me to apply and develop my interests in practice. In my time as an intern, student trainee and Master's student, my work actively contributed to different areas of research and development and helped me gain lots of crucial experience. I got to do a variety of tasks that always offered new and exciting challenges. I tackled them alongside colleagues who were always ready to help. After my Master's I joined Metrology/Vision as a development engineer and now I love the environment I work in and get to focus on interesting problems."

On the following pages, you can learn more about the programs which Manz offers to help college students successfully continue or complete their degree program.