Display Production Solutions

On-demand Deployment for Display Applications

Display Production Solutions Leveraging Manufacturing Expertise

Our vast product portfolio of production solutions maintains the complete value chain from conceptual ideas to total fab solutions. Manz is the sole supplier to offer complete production solutions and equipment to boost innovation in the display industry.

Manz Display Automation Production Equipment
G8.5 Cleaner for Display Production

Highly Integrated Production Solutions to Drive High Quality Manufacturing

Applying wet chemistry, automation, laser, and inspection techniques makes Manz offer high efficiency production equipment and systems to accommodate the industrial requirements of stiff or flexible substrates to gain the benefits of the optimal process and improved OEE.

  • Maximum capacity with stabilized output
  • Fit varying generation glass and techniques
  • Process optimization for mass production
  • High efficiency services

Innovative Display Production Solutions Make a New Vision for Real-World Applications

Manz collaborates with customers to develop high-efficiency production solutions for AMOLED, LTPS, IGZO and large-size TFT LCD panels. This model helps to increase the features of display products and contributes significantly to the success of customers. The high-quality and critical process production offerings include:

  • Cover Glass
  • Cell
  • TFT Array
  • Backlight Substrate
  • Color Filter
Layers of Displays
  • High self-supply rate of parts and components
  • Ensures high equipment utilization rate
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Rigorous quality management to lead the best quality assurance
  • Stable substrate transportation capability
  • High material utilization rate

With over 30 years of experience, we strive to move manufacturing closer to customers enhancing production and service quality. This helps us to achieve a market-leading position.

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