Machine Control & SCADA

Manufacturing perfect products is only possible with precisely controllable, reliable production processes. High-tech production equipment from Manz has movement and robot controls, along with SCADA and HMI solutions, optimally tailored to the relevant production processes — plus, they are easy to operate.

Machine Control & SCADA

Whether it is a robotics system for OEM customers or a fully integrated automation or process solution, the Manz group is your contact for comprehensive drive and control solutions. We develop, in close coordination with our customers, industry-specific solutions that are installed worldwide.

Our trend-setting solutions in robot and motion control for precise, dynamic applications include:

  • Motion control for single- and multi-axis systems
  • Various motion functions, such as flying saw, camming and gearing
  • Robot controls (various kinematics)
  • Control of roll-to-roll processes
  • Servo and stepper motor drives, frequency converter technology
  • Conveyor tracking
  • Integrated image processing systems

For monitoring, controlling and visualizing production processes, Manz’s SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and HMI (human machine interface) solutions offer:

  • Configurable HMI and SCADA functions for
    • Machine setup
    • Machine operation
    • Machine maintenance
    • Order processing
    • Recipe management
    • Process monitoring
    • Process and machine data management
    • Analysis of historical data
  • A manufacturing execution system (MES) interface
  • A high-performance database and measuring technology interface
  • An integrated visualization setup for HMI
  • Scalable system for
  • High-end SCADA (PC-based)
  • HMI (PC-based)
  • Mobile devices (tablet computer, smartphone)
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