Vision & Optical Inspection

Optical inspection of intermediate and end industrial products is indispensable when monitoring the quality of production processes. Manz delivers top-level image processing systems. They ensure maximum efficiency in a single system or an entire production line by immediately optimizing upstream and downstream processes. Higher quality and yield significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

Vision & Optical Inspection

Manz offers many means of image processing and optical inspection of a broad range of components or materials.

Part and position recognition

  • Recognition of component positions for precise placement
  • Easy teach-in of a broad range of product geometries
  • Integrated joining processes with online regulation in the µm range
  • Integrated regulation processes for the greatest precision when processing small-format substrates such as smartphone glasses

Dimension measurement

  • High-precision measurement of stiff components such as smartphone components (< 10 µm precision incl. proof to a coordinated measurement machine) and flexible materials, such as carbon fiber patches
  • High-precision measurement of process results (such as printing or laser processing)
  • Measurement of gap dimensions (such as leaks between keys and housings)

Surface inspection and defect recognition

  • Highly reliable surface inspection of a wide range of materials: glass, aluminum, thin-film solar modules
  • Detection of defects or spots, such as missing coatings, contamination, remains from wet chemical processes, micro-cracks

Coating inspection

  • Full-surface measurement of silicon nitride layers on solar cells in nm resolution (cell coloration reflects layer thickness)
  • Measurement of wavelength-dependent transmissions of filter layers on small-format glass substrates (such as smartphone cover glasses) for inline quality control and regulation of the printing process

3D measurement

  • 3D measurement of components for assembly with the smallest possible height offset
  • Measurement of heights and levels of components (such as keyboards and laptop housings) for quality assurance at the end of a production line
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