Vision & Optical Inspection

Optical inspection of intermediate and end industrial products is indispensable when monitoring the quality of production processes. Manz delivers top-level image processing systems. They ensure maximum efficiency in a single system or an entire production line by immediately optimizing upstream and downstream processes. Higher quality and yield significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

We offer many means of image processing and optical inspection of a broad range of components or materials.

Part and position recognition

  • Recognition of component positions for precise placement
  • Easy teach-in of a broad range of product geometries
  • Integrated joining processes with online regulation in the µm range
  • Integrated regulation processes for the greatest precision when processing small-format substrates such as smartphone glass

Dimension measurement

  • High-precision measurement of stiff components such as smartphone components (< 10 µm precision incl. proof to a coordinated measurement machine) and flexible materials, such as carbon fiber patches
  • High-precision measurement of process results (such as printing or laser processing)
  • Measurement of gap dimensions (such as leaks between keys and housings)


Surface inspection and defect recognition

  • Highly reliable surface inspection of a wide range of materials: glass, aluminum, thin-film solar modules
  • Non-destructive assessment of the welding quality during laser weldingDetection of defects or spots, such as missing coatings, contamination, remains from wet chemical processes, micro-cracks
  • Adhesive bead inspection in battery module assembly


3D measurement

  • 3D measurement of components for assembly with the smallest possible height offset
  • Measurement of heights and levels of components (such as keyboards and laptop housings) for quality assurance at the end of a production line
  • 3D measurement to ensure the uniform distribution of the potting material, e.g. on the strands of a battery contacting system


  • Reading and checking codes (barcodes, datamatrix, QR codes) for e.g, determining the component during quality control
  • Optical Character recognition (OCR)
  • Improvement of the traceability of products
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