Manz AG: Industrial partnership with AIXTRON highlights growth opportunities in OLED area

01/08/2014 08:01:00 CET

  • Manz delivers EUR 4 million of system components for OLED demonstration plant as part of strategic cooperation with AIXTRON SE
  • Global growth market for OLED offers considerable potential for Manz

Manz AG, one of the world's leading high-tech engineering companies with its extensive technology portfolio for the three strategic business areas of "Display", "Solar" and "Battery", will supply system components worth around EUR 4 million for a demonstration plant in the OLED area. As part of a strategic cooperation venture with AIXTRON SE – one of the foremost providers of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry – Manz AG will contribute the extensive know-how that it has accumulated over many years in the cleaning and handling of large-format glass substrates, as well as in the development and production of large vacuum systems.

Dieter Manz, CEO and founder of Manz AG, commented as follows: "OLED technology's share of the display market is set to experience very fast growth. We regard smart phones, and increasingly also large-format screens, as the driving factors." Greater cutting of manufacturing costs will also further promote OLED technology's growing market penetration. Manz identifies excellent future opportunities for the company as a result of this trend: "We can help the OLED industry to realise commercially-viable mass production through introducing innovative and efficient production processes while utilising large-format substrates – this offers us, as high-tech engineers, opportunities for follow-up orders, which we aim to exploit consistently."

This strategic partnership between the two German engineering companies Manz and AIXTRON is aimed at the further development of solutions for OLED technology. As part of their cooperation, the two companies will develop a new demonstration plant to efficiently separate out organic layers up to the Gen8 substrate size (2,300 x 2,500 mm2) based on AIXTRON's patented OVPD® (Organic Vapour Phase Deposition) process technology. This production line allows the demonstration of the advantages of this technology in the cost-effective production of organic lighting diodes for displays and lighting applications in an industrially-relevant size.

By actively tapping high-growth future markets, Manz AG is continuously driving the sustainable diversification of its business model in order to further boost its competitiveness. Dieter Manz continued: "We will achieve record revenue presumably of between EUR 260 million and EUR 270 million in 2013. Not least due to our commitment to the OLED area, we are further expanding our experience and market position in our future markets. For this reason, our company enjoys enormous growth potential over the coming years."

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