Manz AG: Order from a new customer from the semiconductor industry for equipment for Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging in microchip production underscores expertise in this growth industry

01/18/2022 09:00:00 CET, Reutlingen Order from a leading manufacturer of semiconductors worth around USD 20 million | Massive market growth in the chip industry driven by global megatrends such as IoT and digitalization as well as electromobility and autonomous driving | Order will affect revenues and earnings in equal parts in 2022 and 2023

Manz AG, a globally active high-tech equipment manufacturer with a comprehensive technology portfolio, is facing continued interest in its high-tech manufacturing equipment in the new year. For example, Manz has received an order worth around USD 20 million from a leading producer of semiconductors, which will affect revenues and earnings in roughly equal parts in 2022 and 2023.

For chip production, Manz AG's new customer relies on the innovative Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP) process. For the realization of FOPLP with simultaneous coating of the microchips with an additional metal layer to further optimize the performance parameters of the chips (redistribution layer), Manz is the world's only provider of turnkey production lines. As a result, the company has established an exposed position in this growth market in various customer projects over the past few years. In order to realize increasing miniaturization, i.e. ever smaller components with ever greater performance, Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging plays a decisive role. In addition to a significant reduction in volume, thickness, weight, and manufacturing costs of the packaging while doubling the number of pins, the process also has significantly positive effects on the thermal conductivity and speed of the components.

“The number of chips required is rising sharply across industries. This dynamic will continue to intensify, most notably in the automotive industry, for example, due to the megatrends of electromobility and autonomous driving,” comments Martin Drasch, CEO of Manz AG. “In order to enable increasing digitization, miniaturization is a basic prerequisite – that is, the performance of components increases while their size decreases and costs can be significantly reduced at the same time. Manz's equipment has a crucial role to play here: thanks to our comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging, we can significantly reduce the volume, thickness, weight, and manufacturing costs of chip packaging – to the benefit of our customers.”

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