Manz Automation AG: Dynamic growth in Q3 2006

11/07/2006 07:42:00 CET

Manz Automation AG, one of the world's leading producers of automation, quality assurance and laser process technology for the photovoltaic and LCD industry, has continued its dynamic growth. During the first nine months of fiscal year 2006, the company lifted its revenues to € 31.7 million (total output € 30.4 million). In the third quarter of 2006 alone, Manz Automation AG recorded revenues totaling € 11.7 million (first half of 2006: € 20.0 million). In the process, in the first nine months Manz Automation AG recorded EBIT of € 3.7 million, and was thus possible to increase this figure in Q3 2006 by a further € 1.3 million (first half of 2006: € 2.4 million). After nine months, the EBIT margin totals 11.7%. The Managing Board is forecasting revenues of approx. € 40 million and EBIT of approx. € 4.6 - 4.8 million for fiscal year 2006 as a whole.

During the first nine months, around € 14 million or 44.2% of total revenues were recorded in Asia. The proportion of revenues recorded in the Asian region increased to significantly exceed 50% in the third quarter (€ 6.9 million). "Our results express, in particular, the increasing improvements in our position on the Asian market. We are expecting significant growth rates in the photovoltaic industry in this region, with a corresponding positive impact on our core business," commented Dieter Manz, the company's founder and CEO. Around one third of total revenues continues to be recorded in Germany. Manz Automation's cash flow from operating activities totaled € 2.2 million after the first nine months (first half of 2006: € -3.2 million). As a result, Dieter Manz is looking to the future with optimism: "Our earnings situation, our stable capitalization and our current order book of more than € 45 million mean that we are in an excellent position to continue our significant double-digit growth into the coming years."

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