Laser Tab Welding

Our innovative new laser welding technology optimizes the production process of lithium-ion battery cells and offers numerous advantages over conventional ultrasonic welding technology.

Cost-efficient, wear-free and flexible

For the production of lithium-ion battery cells, Manz offers an innovative laser welding technology in the Energy Storage segment that reduces the costs per battery cell significantly reduced overall and offers numerous competitive advantages. This technology is part of Manz's turnkey solutions.

Laser tab welding in the production process

  • Increased process stability and thus better system availability
  • Maximum flexibility in cell design without changing tools
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Significant increase in production efficiency
  • Less space required

Tab welding technologies in comparison

Ultrasonic welding is state-of-the-art in the production of battery cells. But welding battery foils is associated with many challenges. The new Laser Tab Welding process from Manz offers solutions for this.


New laser technology in battery cell production

The new laser process optimizes the welding process of cell arresters, the so-called tabs, with measurable advantages over previous ultrasonic welding and reduces the number of necessary process steps. This leads to significantly more quality, performance and safety for the battery cell with a lower failure rate than with previous cells.

Cost savings when using laser tab welding

Overall, the advantages of laser tab welding result in significantly reduced total operating costs and thus the prerequisite for even more profitable production. Compared to the previous method, the investment is worthwhile after less than a year.

Ready for new markets

Benefit from the extensive flexibility of our product portfolio, which covers a wide variety of cell designs and can produce even more powerful batteries. Numerous configuration options are available to you - for example as a stand-alone or individual system or the integration of modules in new and existing production lines.

With over 30 years of process experience and laser know-how, with Laser Tab Welding as an alternative to proven ultrasonic technology, we give you a clear lead in a highly competitive market, especially in the automotive industry.

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