In the manufacturing of wound battery cells, our automated and flexible production solutions significantly increase the performance parameters as well as the cost efficiency of the lithium-ion battery. Winding production solutions are part of the Turnkey Solutions from Manz.

Efficient and reliable

In the field of energy storage, together with strong partners, Manz provides the complete production process for the manufacture of wound and stacked lithium-ion battery cells and modules. Our production systems meet the steadily growing requirements for quality and speed in battery production 100%.


High-precision roll-to-roll processes

Decades of experience in the development and construction of winding and stacking systems form the basis for our own roll-to-roll (R2R) platform with an overall efficiency (OEE) of almost 100% and a reduction in space requirements.



High-speed for the production of wound cells

  • State-of-the-art production systems with the highest throughput
  • High-speed production from 25 to 40 ppm (pieces per minute)
  • Maximum format flexibility for all common winding cells on one machine
  • Autosplicing for anode, cathode and separator without stopping production
  • Significant increase in process efficiency

Maximum flexibility for cylindrical battery cells

All wound cell types from the common 18650 battery cell to the more compact 48650 or 481400 cells can be produced on the Manz systems.

Round cells are currently used primarily for consumer electronics, power tools and e-bikes. The first manufacturers of electric vehicles have recognized the opportunities offered by this battery format and are already using the most powerful round cells because they have recognized the future potential.

Precise, stable and even faster

Our systems integrate a wide variety of customer-specific processes such as laser notching, tab welding, bending, loading and unloading processes as well as optimally coordinated inspection processes in just one system - for significant optimization in terms of quality and safety of the battery cell.

Manz hits the gas!

Thanks to our extensive experience in the entire value chain of lithium-ion battery production, we are making a significant contribution to the future of energy storage systems with our production technology, thereby also significantly advancing the expansion of electromobility.

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