Industry 4.0 by Manz

The comprehensive digital production network offers a multitude of new options. Based on the Industry 4.0 model, Manz is offering intelligent networked production solutions.

Industry 4.0 by Manz

Networking Manz systems

Manz machines are intelligent due to sensory data recording and the clever combination and automated assessment of data. The automated data processing of sensors, RFID chips, etc. is a permanent component of the software configuration, which was developed by our experienced software engineers.

Our systems can record all relevant information during the production process through increased integration of the most varied sensors (camera systems from 2D position recognition to defect or 3D measurement of components, spacing sensors, etc.).
In addition, we have been involved in data handling on workpiece carriers for many years. The data are saved on RFID chips and transported with the workpiece carriers from machine to machine in order to prompt individual actions there. With the "OPC UA" data exchange standard, our control and visualization system is optimally equipped for secure and reliable industrial communication. Innovative Manz hardware and software engineering will thus integrate seamlessly into an Industry 4.0 structure.

The chief principle is to make the relevant product and production data available at the right time to the right place. This could be, for example, data for the subsequent production systems, information for company-internal purposes or even information for notifying customers. For this reason, we are working with our customers and partners on concepts for generating "Smart Data" from "Big Data".

Practical examples

Manz has already developed systems in which the customer can adjust location-independent products based on default settings via a web portal. Due to the comprehensive network, this type of product change triggers an automated adjustment of the production data and the actual production and products.
The product data generated by the web portal are sent to an IT system. This is translated into production data by intelligent software algorithm product data. The adapted product can be produced immediately after the data entry has been made on the Manz system. This allows for MES and ERP systems to be digitally connected, just like individual machines, sensors or camera systems.
In addition production data, if required in real-time , can be sent to different addressees. The laser receives contour data for the next laser cut, for example; the supplier receives the order for delivery of provided parts and the customer receives the message that the product is finished and currently being packaged.

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