Market Study RWTH Aachen: Developments & Trends in Cell Contacting Systems

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  • Overview: Status quo of cell contacting systems in use today.
  • Requirements for the new generation of cell contacting systems
  • Challenges in the manufacture and assembly of cell contact systems
  • Future trends in battery systems and development of the battery system landscape, e.g. challenges of higher voltages and currents in electric vehicles
  • Market development of battery-electric vehicles: Impact on the market for cell contact systems
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Cell Contacting Systems in the Electric Powertrain

Within the electric powertrain, cell contact systems (CCS) play an important role: they ensure reliable and monitorable battery operation and enable bidirectional current flow for the battery cells by interconnecting the cells.

The German and European automotive industry has now built up robust knowledge in CCS production. However, the market and technological requirements are evolving rapidly.

New cell-to-X approaches, 800 V battery systems – the future battery system architectures will show changes compared to those known today. This also has implications for the production of cell contacting systems.

  • What are the key developments within the battery system landscape?
  • Which battery formats are preferably used and how do their interconnections look like
  • What are the challenges of moving to 800 V battery systems?

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